Wednesday | February 22, 2017
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Your Views for December 13

Praise for letter

I would like to commend the outstanding letter (“Prevent bullying”) that Hailey Paglinawan wrote in the Sunday, Dec. 2, paper.

I was overwhelmed with the reality she brought out regarding what happens at school. Our keiki, young and older alike, know what a bully is. For Hailey to emphasize what to do and how to stop it was very well stated.

I think it would be great if every school in the state read that letter and had every student write their feelings and knowledge about the subject.

Mahalo, Honokaa High School, for planting positive seeds. And to you, Hailey, mahalo.

Lynise Tarring


Gridlock in Puna

So, once again Highway 130 was backed up at pau hana time due to an accident on Tuesday, Dec. 4. I am getting tired of waiting in gridlock for an hour to get home, when all it should take me is 10 minutes.

We need an alternate route. Maybe, instead of spending our dollars on re-paving Highway 11, we should work on getting Puna families home in a timely fashion by adding more lanes to Highway 130 or making Railroad Avenue go all the way through.

J. Ingman

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Remove the cars

Within the past 10 years, have you seen abandoned cars on the side of our roads, inside gulches, in your backyard, or on the side of gulches? The sight of them just makes our home of paradise into a junkyard!

The number of abandoned cars has increased, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to decline anytime soon. The government needs the help of the people to maintain and solve this problem.

When people discard their cars in the forest or leave them in their backyards, it affects everyone. People don’t realize when they abandon their cars that they will start to deteriorate, and the toxic fluids will leak into our earth. For hunters, this will make hunting grounds unsafe for them and their dogs.

The abandoned cars that are left in your backyard could harm people who self-sustain by farming. Abandoned cars also make excellent homes for rodents and insects, many of which contain diseases that we can possibly catch if careless.

Action is necessary, because everyone knows if you don’t treat a problem, the problem will become increasingly worst. With rodents finding homes within these broken down cars, it will not get any better.

The erosion of cars on the side of the road … is very hazardous. If we let this issue continue, most of our wildlife will be become toxic and will soon die off.

For every problem, there is always a way to solve it. Build a designated location where people can drop off their junk cars for a small return. They can get money for their junk car; we recycle the junk cars for reusable parts and less junk cars on the side off our roads.

Many states across the United States have contributed to this problem, and we should join to make Hawaii a cleaner environment for all of us.

Cjay Carvalho

Student, Honokaa High & Intermediate School


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