Sunday | November 19, 2017
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Your Views for December 15

Speak up

I have to ask myself why people who take the Hele-On bus do not speak up for their own safety. Much to my surprise, police tell me it’s NOT against the law to drive a bus/car, etc., while wearing headphones in both ears.

For the past couple of weeks, I noticed this one bus driver driving his bus while wearing headphone in both ears. I wanted to say something to his face right then and there, but I didn’t. However, after getting off I did call 911 and reported him. I wanted to also call the bus company … . This also happened the next Saturday, so again I called the police. However, this time I called the 935-3311 number and they informed me it was not against state law to drive while wearing headphones. Surprise, surprise! However, I also called Hele-On, and thank God they were very concerned. They said they knew who the bus driver was and would deal with him.

I have a $64,000 question: Why is it none of the other passengers ever speak up. After all, their lives are at stake. People of Hawaii, please speak up.

Paul Saia



I have been a teacher for nearly 40 years — 16 years in the classroom — and I am excited about having a system in place that allows teachers to evaluate their skills, be deliberate in their practice, and help them move forward as effective teachers. Mountain View Elementary is one of the 81 schools that have piloted the new system for over a year now.

Like any professional who takes pride in their work, I know my skills are always evolving. Through use of the research-based Charlotte Danielson classroom observation framework, I am doing two things: assessing myself and moving forward — looking at the characteristics of the next level.

What I appreciate about this is that it is targeted at educators and is therefore designed to help encourage teachers to reach that “distinguished” level. I commend the Department of Education for recognizing the complexity of the profession and the efforts put forth to improve the “art and science” of teaching.

Judy Courtot

Mountain View

Misspent dues

For a long time now, every time I drive down Kanoelehua Avenue, I see this sign saying, “SHAME ON YOU.” Shame on me for what!? Is there something I should be shamed of, because I do not think I have done anything wrong. Or is it a shame on me (you), because there is a drug store near by that is not a union shop?

I admit, I have gone there once since it opened, but I did not find what I was looking for. For some reason, the sign is still there, shaming me (you).

Walgreens came to Hilo and opened up a store. I guess that they pay their employees well, and for that, they have not joined a union. I can understand that. If you are treated well in a business, then why must you pay union dues, which are used to get people elected in office rather than to benefit its members. But that is another story.

I would think that after all this time, that sign would come down. If it was in front of the store, then I could see that it might make a difference. But where it is, it seems to say shame on everyone that drives by, which I think is not appropriate.

Unions are fine in some circumstances, because some employees do need protection from radical companies that take advantage of their workers. But if a company opens up and is good to its employees, why must they join a union and pay better salaries to officials who run the unions? Just my thoughts.

John Gallipeau



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