Thursday | October 27, 2016
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Your Views for December 18

Gun control

The Second Amendment was established so that “we the people” could protect ourselves from either a foreign threat or in case a dictator or abusive government came into power.

The Second Amendment was not intended for people being able to kill 20 children who were learning their ABC’s in school.

The Second Amendment was not intended for the Columbine or Virginia Tech massacres of innocents. It was not intended so that people could be murdered in movie theatres or shopping malls.

Why were these evil people able to do this in the first place? Because one side is arguing for unlimited access to weapons, while the other argues for no gun ownership at all. And while these two angry and opposite sides argue, children die.

Let’s act like responsible and educated adults and find a middle ground. Let’s start by agreeing that people should not be able to run amok and kill wherever they want, be it schools, movie theatres or shopping malls. Because no one is safe when guns are too easy to get.

You are not safe, and neither are your children.

Dennis Chaquette


Respect for teachers

Imagine you are a builder, and that your employer provides you with the lot and the lumber and asks you to build a house. Then your employer provides you with a rusty hand saw and an old hammer for tools. He then tells you that you will earn $20 per hour and that your contract says you will be paid for seven hours of work per day, but that you are expected to volunteer without compensation an extra three to four hours every day, plus weekends.

Oh, and by the way, the nails to build the frames? You have to pay for them out of your own pocket, without reimbursement.

Do you think you could build a high quality house with those tools, resources and incentives? That is exactly what we are asking our teachers to do. When you put it in this perspective, it doesn’t sound too fair, does it?

Please, governor, give the teachers the respect they deserve along with the necessary resources to educate the future generations of this country.

Rodrigo Romo


Above and beyond

In Newtown, Conn., a teacher trying to save her students leaped in front of a gunman. She and six of her students were killed. Teachers are not asked or trained to sacrifice their lives for the children under their care.

More teachers are killed by gunmen than we care to think about. I ask you … how do you evaluate that?

Ray Peralta


A bad idea

One of the worst ideas around is the roundabout (Tribune-Herald, Dec. 13). These things do not make any sense unless you have a five, six or seven street entrances where traffic lights cannot control traffic.

The entrance at Pahoa Village Road is basically a three-way intersection. There is an incomplete, easy exit to the road, which is blocked off. A simple three-way light would do the job at the exit of the road to Highway 130.

The state, once again, is finding a way to spend the taxpayers’ money on wasted energy.

Looking ahead, there seems to be a plan afoot to also put a roundabout at Ainaloa Boulevard and Highway 130. A simple three-way light would be more than adequate at this intersection.

Which construction company will profit from that waste of taxpayer money?

Bob Dukat



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