Wednesday | July 26, 2017
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Your Views for December 25

Arm ‘good people’?

I completely support the views of the National Rifle Association and their efforts to protect American citizens from the terrorists and bad people who threaten us with violence, and from the politicians who would restrict our liberties. The NRA is correct: The only way to protect us from these bad people (who are all around us) is for all the good people to carry weapons.

As the NRA states, we can begin by posting at least one armed guard at every U.S. school. But what good will that do to protect teachers from their own students? We need to see that every school teacher in America is armed and ready to respond to threats — from within as well as outside their classrooms.

Hawaii could be the leader in this effort! What if we made weapons training part of the requirement for state teacher certification? Schools are just the start; what about in our movie theaters, shopping malls, grocery stores and airports? We need armed guards and citizen-concealed weapons everywhere, and better “stand your ground” laws in Hawaii.

What if some suspicious-looking kid comes up to your car or knocks on your door? What if your spouse or neighbor threatens you with violence or looks at you funny? Much safer to shoot first and ask questions later!

J.P. Lockwood


How to respond

How are we as a nation going to respond to the attack on children? Are we going to arm teachers so they are so afraid and distracted that they can’t teach? How focused will the children be knowing that they aren’t safe? What about the parents?

When we where attacked and threatened by other countries, we took action. Now, we are being attacked and threatened from the inside of our own country.

With all due respect, we have professionals at the table, and debating is off the table.

D. Marie


Blame the ‘shrinks’

America seems to be going in the direction of Europe in many facets of our existence. The massacre in Connecticut is similar to an incident in the United Kingdom.

In my humble opinion, the responsible gun owners who revolt or balk will be the “lunatics in need of sensitivity training, intense scrutiny and re-education,” at the very least.

I wonder what type of psychotropic drugs this perp was on. I hope you realize that there is a very small percentage of all of the shootings of this type in which the perpetrators were NOT under the care of a mental health-care provider.

I think we, as a thinking citizenry, need to redirect the focus to the dope-prescribing doctors who are short-circuiting the natural hard-wiring of the brain, and with seeming impunity, and put these doctors on trial.

Think of this: After an impaired drinker has left a cocktail lounge and has become the cause of a horrific automobile accident, we’ve seen bartenders on trial for negligence due to “over-serving the customer.”

Somehow, physicians who intentionally toy with and alter the internal workings of the brain would seem to be a more logical source of alarm in these horrific shooting incidents.

Does this make sense to you, dear reader? It does to me!

Nancy Toribio



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