Saturday | April 25, 2015
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Your Views for December 29

Ban won’t work

Now that we will no longer get “free” plastic bags for our groceries, we will have to buy bags in which to put our stuff. Guess where they are to be found? Next to all the checkout counters.

What will we use to clean up after our dogs, carry the library books through the rain, line the bathroom and bedroom trash cans, and all the other uses for the formerly “free” bags? Plastic bags, which we now must buy.

The ban is not going to cut down on plastic bag use; it only will shift the cost. And, you may be sure the price for the stuff we purchase to put in the cloth bags is not going to go down one cent.

Judith Grogg

Fern Acres

King James

I am submitting a positive letter to the editor in times when all of the letters are negative. Some of us wish to be angels, and some of us wish to be devils. I wish to be an angel and give the great Lebron James his positive due. You can be an angel by publishing my letter, or possibly a devil by not publishing it. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Lebron simply the greatest! While there have been many scorers in the NBA, none of them exhibited the unselfishness of Lebron James. The fabulous Lebron James is an assist man first (facilitator) and an unstoppable scorer. In addition to that, Lebron James is a great rebounder, excellent blocker and awesome also in the category of steals.

Simply said, Lebron James is a human highlight library and seems to have eight eyes, in addition to seemingly being from another galaxy.

Lebron James’ 2012 campaign reads as follows: NBA regular season MVP, NBA Finals MVP, Olympics MVP and the first American to record a triple-double in prestigous Olympics history. Lebron James is a great offensive and defensive player.

In other words, Lebron is the greatest to play the game of basketball, whether it be in high school or at the highest level the NBA.

Dean Nagasako


No prevention

Remembering the tragedy at Newtown, Conn., and all the possible scenarios that could have prevented such a sadistic deed, I came to the conclusion that there is nothing that could have prevented the event.

I am not a gun fanatic. There are enough laws in place for proper acquisition for guns. No matter how much security is put in place at any facility, there will be a way to get the deed done.

The only help in reducing these kinds of actions, I believe, is for all of us to be wary of people who may have a behavioral problem and to seek help for them.

Now that Newtown has put its dead to rest, I can only hope it will be a long time before an incident like that occurs again.

May all the families be able to go on with their lives with as little pain as possible.

Carmine Spada



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