Wednesday | July 27, 2016
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Your Views for December 4

Too greedy?

This letter is regarding HELCO’s request to the Public Utilities Commission for approval of a 4.5 percent increase in our electric bills.

This, of course, represents HELCO’s “run up” in full page ads in the Tribune-Herald, showing their expenses and that they only make a 3 percent profit (no dollar amount stated). I have requested in writing from Mr. (Jay) Ignacio to express in dollars how much that 3 percent represents. No answer!

I read the Dec. 1 Tribune-Herald article, “Two paid nearly $500K at failed carbon venture.” Included in that article is the statement that Mr. Richard Rosenblum, president and CEO of Hawaii Electric Industries, the parent company of Hawaiian Electric Co., with a net worth of $1.7 billion, makes $602,000.

Now, we electric consumers out here who are already struggling to pay our monthly electric bills need to ask HELCO and the PUC the question: Does Mr. Rosenblum really need a pay raise?

Ron Baptista

Mountain View

No ‘Lincoln’ here

Why isn’t the movie, “Lincoln,” being shown in Hilo? We had to drive all the way over to Kona to see what is one of the most important, deeply moving films ever made, and it appears that none of the theaters locally are going to show it. What a loss for East Hawaii!

Gretchen H. Klungness

Mountain View

Stay home, Obama

President Obama’s family vacation to Hawaii should be cancelled. It’s a disgrace while Americans are suffering under his failed policies, putting America ever-so close to becoming Greece. Obama should seriously stay in Washington and do the job he was — unfortunately, once again — elected to do.

It is a wonder why he should be welcomed here at a time our nation faces high unemployment and a very benign economy that he helped create. The United States military is in harm’s way every day, and he has disdain for the U.S. Constitution, which made it possible for him to become president.

Until our liberty as a free people is restored and our nation’s defense is strong, he should not take this unneeded vacation to Hawaii.

Drew E. Kosora



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