Tuesday | May 03, 2016
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Your Views for December 7

Newspaper works

Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo! I want to thank the Tribune-Herald for having a free “Lost & Found” section.

My dog of 14 years became missing, and she is part of the family, I was so scared that another dog or something else would kill her. My world was crumbling around me, because she only weighed 8 pounds. She is a long-haired Chihuahua that is half blind, with some medical problems. Thank you again so much for having that “Lost & Found” section.

I’m so happy to say that she was returned 3 1/2 hours later.

Ana M. Dominguez


Stop the bullies

I see kids bullying other kids, which makes me, the bystander, a person that sees what the bully is doing. A bully is the person causing the trouble, and the victim is the person getting attacked.

If you are a bully and think it’s cool, you thought wrong. Stop bullying, now! And if you’re the bystander, you have to tell an adult or a teacher. Most of these things happen at school. And some of these things happen after school, too.

Bullies do not have courage, but the bystander should have the most courage to tell an adult or a teacher. Bullies can tease physically, verbally and mentally. They can also threaten you with bad words or comments. Don’t you hate it when bullies lie and get away with it? Everyone hates when they are bullied or even just teased.

If you are a bully, you should think about what you are doing, because would you like it if somebody teased or bullied you all the time? If you are a bully, don’t tease because you always put someone down, even if it’s just a joke. So, don’t tease, because it may come back around to you. And if you are the bystander, you should tell someone immediately, because it’s the right thing to do!

Kaulana Aipia-Dolan

Fourth grade,

Naalehu Elementary

Protect the elderly

I am writing this letter, hoping it will do something or make people aware of the pain caused by the person who steals a car from a senior of 77 years old, living at a senior building, supposedly safe — until this incident.

We at Kinoole senior apartment feel we need more police to watch for speeding cars, overly loud mufflers, or such. People drive at high speeds after 10 p.m. normally. If police are here, we don’t see them.

The shopping center is a hangout late at night, with cars burning rubber. We do have walkers, but it’s not safe after dark. The theft of my car proves it.

For many young people … driving fast is normal. In writing to you, just maybe some way you can help. We thank you.

The night of the car theft, that person had to be watching until the building was asleep, because we all do a lot watching out for each other. Bless you.

Johanna Thomas



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