Thursday | October 27, 2016
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Your Views for February 10

Arm the keiki

I am completely fed-up with the responses to the recent school shooting in Connecticut. The left-wingers are clueless, but even the normally sane conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are missing the boat on this one. Obama seems to have terrified everyone into becoming politically correct.

It is quite obvious that the only rational way to keep our children safe in school is to make possession of a personal firearm an attendance requirement every day for every student. At high schools, for example, there could be a monitor at the door making sure each entering student had a shirt free of vulgar graffiti, was not wearing a hoodie, had the hat (if allowed inside the building) on with the peak in front, and had a loaded handgun.

A version of this would be in effect in elementary schools. Children are not allowed in class without the required inoculations to protect them from diseases no one even has any more. Why should they be allowed in without the means of protecting themselves from direct harm without relying on the “Nanny State” to do it for them?

The Band-Aid “solutions” proposed by many so-called conservatives are hopelessly inadequate. Requiring all teachers, administrators and staff to carry would do very little to make schools safer. All a determined shooter would have to do would be to take out a custodian or vice principal on the way to a classroom, take out a teacher (and perhaps an aide) and proceed to a leisurely slaughter of 20 or 30 fourth-graders.

BUT … what if that potential shooter knew that behind the door were 27 fourth-graders with loaded Glocks and Sig-Sauers tucked into their cubbies? Would they dare to open that door? I don’t think so. Even shooters are not crazy.

It is time for those responsible to stop playing politically correct games and see to it that our children are safe. Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi should have the courage and vision to put Hawaii in the forefront of the crusade for child safety.

Jack Milon


‘Too big to jail’

The Democratic chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and the ranking Republican member have sent Attorney General Eric Holder a letter with a list of questions about “too big to jail banks.” The letter asks whether the U. S. Justice Department has ever failed to prosecute an institution because of concerns of financial turmoil.

Will the Feb. 8 deadline come and go as President Obama decides to brush this issue aside like the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking debacle? More transparency and accountability was promised by Obama, but he keeps exercising executive privilege to cover up the truth from the American people.

Unfortunately, the courts have been allowing this abuse of money and power to further erode what faith is left in our political system. Not a very promising future for America.

Don Baker


Toyotas targeted

In today’s world, automobiles built by Toyota are one of the most popular vehicles. People want to drive Toyotas because of their well-designed engines and off-roading suspensions. People demand them.

In our community, people are getting their Toyota trucks stolen or certain parts are removed from their vehicle. Recently, Toyota tailgates are being stolen.

The community is changing a lot. In bright daylight to black as night, people aren’t afraid to steal from your very own home, garage or yard. Just the other day, my co-worker got her lifted Toyota Tacoma stolen while she was at work. There were a lot of accessories on that truck, which costs big bucks. The vehicle was probably stripped within hours, making it difficult to recover the vehicle.

People need to pay attention to where they park their vehicles, especially if you have a Toyota, or install a major alarm system. This is a low-priority for the Police Department, but it is happening daily.

Shayne Matsu


Flag question

A simple question: Why doesn’t the federal building where the Hilo post office have the Hawaiian flag? It seems everywhere else that has the American flag, also has the Hawaiian flag. Just wondering.

Lynise Tarring


Our Legislature

I am enjoying the Tribune-Herald’s coverage of the legislative session — more proof that most of our state lawmakers are completely irresponsible, if not dangerous.

A. Yamamoto



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