Sunday | July 24, 2016
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Your Views for February 23

Let him speak

Jim Albertini should have been allowed to speak at Hilo High (“Hilo High nixes activist’s talk,” Tribune-Herald, Feb. 22).

It is manifestly unacceptable that the school librarian should be able to keep the students from hearing points of view with which she disagrees.

Rick Sims


Don’t let him speak

The school (Hilo High) did the right thing by stopping this travesty of anti-American anti-military hatred. I fully support Mrs. Amy Okuyama’s decision to object to this obvious infringement on student rights to a balanced education. There are students and teachers attending Hilo High with family, friends and relatives in the military. They are defending Albertini’s right to free speech. However, Albertini has crossed the line into indoctrination.

Albertini would spit his vile hatred while trying to indoctrinate students who should be concerned with graduating to either higher education or entry into the job market. Albertini made his life decisions … long ago. Please allow our keiki to make their life decisions without Albertini’s vile, despicable political activism.

Regardless of your political views, you cannot feed a family on political activism. Albertini’s presentation offers NO redeemable value that will help students graduate with the skills needed to be successful in life. Think about the children’s rights to a future where they can decide for themselves without the meddling of some moral busybody feeding students with vile political hate speech.

I’ve learned that some have made hateful comments towards Mrs. Okuyama for standing up to this bully, Albertini. That is shameful and cowardly. Remember that free speech stops at threats and intimidation, and that is what Albertini and his minions are trying to do to Mrs. Okuyama.

At least Mrs. Okuyama is looking out for our keiki; what do you think Albertini’s motives are? If you are a parent at Hilo High, you should be asking that question.

Gene Lamkin


All the violence

What is this island coming to? Why all the unnecessary violence?

People and lawmakers always want to blame drugs, but in reality our economy is bad, and it does not help when lawmakers always are bickering with each other and nothing gets done. Always Democrat this or Republican that. Maybe both parties should show us how to get along instead of always fighting. Show us how to respect each other.

Duane Nishimoto


A good program

Mahalo Lori Rodgers of the Hilo Medical Center Foundation residency program and Josh Green and the Hawaii legislators working to grow a residency program for physicians on the Big Island.

The Primary Care Training Program by Hilo Medical Center Foundation is exactly what Hawaii Island needs to address the physician shortage in rural communities throughout our state. Yes, “budgets are always tight,” but public investment in more “home grown” physicians living and working in the islands will improve our local medical and health care system, lower overall health care delivery costs and help create a healthier Hawaii.

Sylvia Dahlby



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