Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Your Views for January 10

Schatz is impressive

I was privileged to meet Brian Shatz at a small residential gathering in Pahoa several years ago. I was impressed with his manner and his answers to questions. I have been pleased with his steady progress since, including his appointment to the U.S. Senate.

It was his great, good luck to arrive in Washington in impressive style aboard Air Force One. May his good fortune continue as he ably represents us for many years.

John Cort


Culture of guns

So many (video) games require a gun-shaped tool to play, and then something or somebody has to be shot for points to win. So many toys are fake guns that shoot out fake bullets. Then, you consider the average movie on TV … someone has a gun or weapon, and so on and so forth.

If everyone stopped long enough to pay attention to attitudes of ohana, friends and at work, maybe we could all start thinking and sharing hopes of gratitude and give each other a positive seed.

Food for thought to our mayor: Make a strong law regarding the sales of guns and other “under the table” weapons. Maybe this could be a good start for our new year.

Lynise Tarring


It’s our park

In the Thursday, Jan. 3, edition, the Department of Land and Natural Resources announced they had closed Kealakekua Bay to kayaking. Last year, they just as abruptly instituted a permit process for kayak users in the bay. Then, as now, no warning or public opinion was sought or considered. Then, as now, these restrictions seem to affect only individuals coming to use their own kayak or renting a kayak privately. Commercial snorkel trips seem to be unaffected.

This new decision serves to make the bay totally unavailable to the individual visitor and locals alike. While many visitors are prepared to pay for a commercial snorkel trip to the bay, very few of us who live here can afford that or would enjoy it.

My family has kayaked and snorkeled there for years, and the only bad behavior we have ever seen was from the commercial trip clients.

The issue of whether the kayak vendors pay their taxes is not the DLNR’s business, but putting so many innocent vendors and innocent kayak owners in this position is very wrong! And to do this at the height of tourist season, ruining people’s plans and incomes! And who does DLNR think owns this beautiful state historical park? We, the very people they don’t want in there!

We have never seen enforcement of any kind there. Why not just charge for the darn permit and use the money to patrol the site? Give back our park!

Laura Buck



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