Monday | November 20, 2017
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Your Views for January 16

Use lights

Most of the county and state highway repairs and paving takes place on the parts of the roads that are in either industrial, business or rural areas, with no residences there.

If this is so, why do they not do the construction or whatever at night, instead of the daytime? They tie up traffic and cost drivers (taxpayers) a lot of money and time waiting in traffic.

Have they ever heard of lights? There are lights that light up the working area almost better than daytime.

Bob Dukat


Judicial problems

A young man in our community was recently involved in what is perhaps the most horrifying incident that any parent could possibly endure: He accidentally ran over one of his children and killed him.

This young man from a foreign place did not have a driver’s license and should not have been driving in the first place.

However, it is not an acceptable rationale for the court to imprison him for minor charges at a bail level that neither he nor his family could possibly afford.

He is being denied any sense of compassion or humanity essential to his personal survival by a judicial system that refuses to recognize the human side of this nearly unbearable tragedy, and is focused instead entirely on retribution and control. Maybe the reason so many people do not want a revision of the interpretation of the Second Amendment is because this practice of the administration of justice is not the exception. It has, in fact, become the rule in courts and police departments across America, and if this is justice in the eyes of our judicial system and those who enforce it, what happens next?

Personally, I wear my seat belt while driving — not to lessen the consequence of being injured in an accident, but because I fear being cited and what that could and has led to.

Fear is the most effective component in controlling society, and instilling fear has become common practice in the enforcement of all regulatory procedure, be it the denial of the use of plastic bags to carry groceries in or even in the expression of an opinion.

When the consequences of not being afraid are as severe and inhumane as they are becoming, is it any wonder why an individual would fight to preserve the Second Amendment as it is written?

If we now want some form of gun control in this country, and I might argue that some is needed, let’s first identify the problem, which I see as confidence in the judicial system — a system that needs to reverse its role from dispensing fear and control to applying justice and fairness.

Let this young man have the freedom to heal his soul. He need not endure further punishment from a system of oppression.

Kelly Greenwell



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