Sunday | August 20, 2017
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Your Views for January 20

Obama a hypocrite

Emperor Obama once again shows his hypocrisy in his recent criticism of a recent ad run by the NRA. In the ad, the NRA points out that while Obama refuses to consider allowing armed guards at schools, his own children are protected at school by armed Secret Service agents.

The White House called the ad “repugnant and cowardly” and criticized the organization for using the president’s children as “pawns in a political fight.” Meanwhile, the president signed his new executive order on gun control, with several children standing around him like a bunch of props — the same thing he pulled back when he signed “Obamacare” into law.

So, why is it acceptable for him to use children like this, but wrong for the NRA to point out his hypocrisy with his own children as an example?

Once again, thanks to all the Democrats who elected this elitist hypocrite back into office. I hope you appreciate what you’re getting for it.

Shawn Lathrop


Stand up and fight

It time for true change and true leadership. People in the White House — also known as “your leaders” — are not for you. They honestly want to take everything from you. They want to cut Social Security and Medicare. This kind of act of treason is utterly wrong and morally insane.

What kind of leaders are there? Well, people who don’t care about nobody but their damn selves, and those who have no respect for humanity and other people.

They forgot what Kennedy and Lincoln did, and they must be stopped. Together we can take them all down. Their fraudulent actions must be exposed, and together we will. It’s not right to cut our Social Security, and it’s not right cutting our Medicare. It’s not right to take stuff that belongs to us; we should be fighting for it.

I mean, guys and gals, it is our future in the balance here. We can laugh and do nothing or stand up and live the revolution and fight. Sitting down will never solve any battle. Becoming a warrior of the revolution will. It is these warriors who able to bring true justice and liberty back where it belongs.

I believe we should wake up and fight. If you don’t, then we can all suffer together. Each of us holds a choice of whether we fight for true freedom or suffer global democracy and out-of-control government. Open your eyes and realize it take all of us get paradise.

Troy Abraham


Fixing bottleneck

It seems those salivating over the traffic circle designated for Pahoa don’t see the simple equivalent of the traffic circle already existing. If Kahakai Boulevard was to be made contiguous instead of offset at the highway, with minor exception, the paved condition would be met.

Place a light at that intersection, the one at Pahoa Village road, close the entrance to everybody’s “favorite intersection” (yes, I’m being sarcastic here; I’m entitled) at the highway, remove the blip you must go around when heading to and from the marketplace, and you would save a lot of money to fix a problem that has plagued Puna for long time: widening the highway from the “bottleneck” towards Pahoa.

This traffic circle is an expedient, and, even worse, they want us to be lab rats to see if it will work elsewhere on the island. But one lane with a yield will not make the situation any better. As an example, one person is using the circle in Long Beach, Calif., which has four lanes and a merge lane, which is like comparing a Cessna 172 to an F-16 Falcon.

If whichever level(s) of government would please finish what they accidentally started, you could see why Pahoa does not need a traffic circle. Unless of course you really do enjoy spending lots of money on things you don’t need. This is also about jobs, which means people will get angry if you oppose it.

Dave Kisor


‘Hypocrite’s Oath’

Does anyone wonder if we need to overhaul our health-care system?

Doctors used to make house calls. Now, doctors screen potential patients to determine whether or not they are going to provide medical care for them.

The physicians are deciding who they will care for and who they will turn away.

Some of the questions you will be asked? Are you pregnant, have you had a back injury, etc.

It seems the Hippocratic Oath has turned into a Hypocrite’s Oath.

How long does it take to see a doctor these days? If you get even mildly sick, and have to see a doctor, then you have to go to an emergency clinic. You wait on average two weeks to see a doctor, and by then, what has occurred?

In America, every year there are some 2,000 deaths per year from unnecessary surgery. Some 7,000 deaths per year from medication error; some 20,000 deaths per year from misc errors; some 80,000 deaths per year from infections in a doctor’s office or hospitals; some 105,000 deaths per year from non-error, adverse effects of medications. These total up to 225,000 deaths per year in the U.S. by going to the doctor.

Shouldn’t we be screening the doctors, instead of the other way around?

Dennis Chaquette



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