Friday | February 12, 2016
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Your Views for January 25

Dump Act 97

Act 97, designed to “streamline” geothermal development, was finalized without any controls for the people to object, and although members of the state Legislature were assured they would be there, they fell unnoticed into the abyss.

The question remains: Who left them out, and how did the majority of legislators manage to miss it, especially now that is has become a rather hot-potato issue? Are they mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed you know what they feed mushrooms?

The vast majority of future power generated via geothermal would be sent to the Center of the Universe, a locale most often referred to as Honolulu, and not for use in Hawaii County. There exists sufficient land and solar energy on Oahu so they can set up their very own solar collection facility without turning our little world into a wasteland for fun and profit — their fun, geothermal’s profit.

It isn’t photovoltaic. It collects an intense amount of solar energy, heats a fluid (most commonly liquid sodium), which in turn spins turbines generating electricity. Solar collection on Oahu would save the undersea cable, substations and maintenance costs needed to carry and amplify transmission line losses from our island and could augment their burning trash.

Don’t fix 97, scrap it and return to 96!

Dave Kisor


A ‘great man’

Reading any letter to the editor written by Shawn Lathrop, such as “Obana a hypocrite” (Tribune-Herald, Your Views), is like trying to make sense of the insanity splattered across the bed of a pickup truck at Lincoln Park.

If Shawn and the owner of that Toyota could just get together with Donald Trump, I’m sure they could solve our nation’s problems in a heartbeat.

First of all, Shawn, you say the NRA points out that “Obama refuses to consider allowing armed guards in schools.” Is this something you would like to see mandated, Shawn? If so, I can almost hear the folks at Fox “news” screaming about the federal government’s interference and overreach.

Nothing I have seen or read in the mainstream media (aka the “sanestream” media) has ever reported that our president has “refused to consider allowing” armed guards.

When I retired from my teaching position at Maui High School more than a decade ago, we actually had a member of the Maui Police Department stationed on campus, as did other high schools. They were called “school resource officers,” and they walked the campus, chatted with the students, answered questions about age-related laws, etc.

They were also a first line of defense in case of trouble. Their presence was the result of decisions made at the state and local level. And isn’t that really what you Republicans want?

Finally, Shawn, as someone who helped re-elect this great man, I can assure you that I do indeed “appreciate what I’m getting.”

Dale Crabtree



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