Saturday | April 18, 2015
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Your Views for January 29

County leads way

Mahalo, Brenda Ford, for introducing the repeal Act 97 resolution that recently passed the full council unanimously. I want to recognize and thank the more than 80 people who took time off work, came to the various offices, and signed up to testify for repeal of Act 97. The entire council listened to our community’s concerns and with a unanimous vote endorsed repeal of Act 97.

We want to acknowledge Mayor Billy Kenoi for supporting repeal of Act 97. The planning director testified in support of the resolution for repeal. After the meeting, she conveyed to us that the mayor would also like to see Act 97 repealed.

Act 97 removed county oversight for geothermal development and eliminated the subzone restriction on where geothermal development can be done. Act 97 stripped county home rule in permitting and eliminated public participation in the process. We believe that at the least, the county and affected residents should be involved in the process to decide on or permit developments that impact our communities and our way of life.

We appreciate the fact that the community, the council and the administration have found common ground on the need for the county and the community to be involved in decisions affecting our island home. The next step is for us all to work together to repeal Act 97 in the state Legislature.

Robert Petricci


Another tax?

Regarding, “Bill would raise taxes on sugary drinks,” Tribune-Herald, Jan. 23: When does it stop? Here we have two Big Island senators, Josh Green and Russell Ruderman, co-sponsoring Senate Bill 646, which would require anyone buying a can or bottle of soda to pay a penny-an-ounce tax. What tree did they fall from?

When they ran for office, did they tell those in their district: Vote for me so I can raise your cost of living … so I can stick it to you with a sugary tax? Or did they run, saying: Vote for me for I will be there for you? It appears when they campaigned for your vote they lied through their teeth. But then we are having a lot of that lately. Politicians no longer have ideals or moral character, but seem to be greedy imbeciles who will do anything that might help them in their endeavors.

Yes, we do have obesity here. But some of that is a health problem, and some is caused by what people eat and could care less. (When I lived in Samoa, bigger was better.) But it is not up to elected officials to tell us what we can and cannot consume. I thought they were there to help make our state a better place to live. Protect the innocent from the wrongdoings of others. Guess I was wrong.

If I desire a soda, I will drink a soda, and no one can stop me from doing so. It is my choice. Too bad; some think they can make us do what they want, just like the plastic bags. I guess next there will be a tax on milk. It is sweet. And then another tax on candy, and the list will go on and on. Why can’t we find politicians who will campaign with honesty and live up to their promises to those who vote for them?

John Gallipeau



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