Friday | November 24, 2017
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Your Views for January 3

Repeal the PLDC

One man at a Public Land Development Corporation meeting said it best: “The PLDC is like selling a kidney to pay your hospital bill.”

When Gov. Abercrombie came to Kona recently, I told him the PLDC was the worst idea the Legislature has ever come up with. Neil then challenged me: “So what’s your idea to raise money?”

Here is my idea. State Auditor Marion Higa has just retired. There is not a single person in the state who doesn’t trust and respect her. We should beg her to come back for a short while. Give her helpers and free reign to go through every department to root out every inefficiency and follow her directives to a “T” before we prostitute our public lands and buildings on the altar of privatization and cronyism.

We don’t want timeshares or garbage dumps on our special places being decided by three Oahu PLDC board members, and there’s not much in the PLDC rules to stop such a thing.

This kind of anti-democratic legislation is sweeping the country, and we should be on guard that it doesn’t get a foothold here. All of our current laws are in place for a very good reason: to protect the public. Beg Higa to take on this special task and do exactly what she recommends, if we are serious about finding money.

The Legislature starts in two weeks. If any of us are paying attention to the serious dangers of the PLDC, we should be contacting our legislators to repeal this rotten legislation … and any future, similar legislation. Also, complain about bills such as this being changed and passed in a matter of hours, shutting out public comment completely.

Shannon Rudolph


We lose again

Another “green” program has gone wrong. The consumers are losing again.

On all of our purchases of beverages in cans, plastic and glass bottles we pay 6.5 cents a container. When we turn this in to be recycled, the consumer gets 5 cents per container. We lose 1.5 cents.

This is a government “green” program. Now, there is the good possibility of fraud within the program. The taxpayer will take another hit.

The government can’t even run a simple recycling program without fouling it up. The government’s inefficiencies keep on coming, and our taxes keep going up.

Bob Dukat



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