Monday | September 25, 2017
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Your Views for January 30

Gun control

While gun owners will welcome President Obama’s call for gun control advocates to listen to gun-rights proponents, it’s equally important that he listen to their concerns himself.

After his time as a senior lecturer on constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School, he must be aware that the Second Amendment was not written for the benefit of hunters but rather to guarantee that citizens were armed in the event that they were called upon to defend their country. While we no longer maintain militias, the Supreme Court has ruled time and again that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of Americans to own firearms for the purpose of self- and home-defense.

An unsettling aspect of the gun-control debate is the gun-control activists’ assertions that they support the rights of hunters, suggesting that they believe that the Second Amendment is recreational in nature, applying only to sportsmen. Isn’t that a bit like arguing for censorship in newspapers while claiming to support the rights of novelists under the First Amendment?

Michael Valentine


Beware of scams

Hilo residents need to be aware of door-to-door salesmen that are selling various items but may be actually checking out your home or property to come back later to steal items. Recently, there are two men going around neighborhoods selling a cleaning product. This product is just a guise, and they are “casing” out your home to come back and steal your stuff.

The salesmen try to be funny and act like comedians. They make you feel at ease and may ask to use your bathroom, but do not let these men in your house.

Notify authorities if you suspect any suspicious people “cruising” your neighborhood. Be careful — Hilo is changing, and we need to be aware of potential scams in our community.

Ashley Demello


‘Rights’ not absolute

Opponents of efforts to eliminate ownership of assault weapons and large magazine clips constantly refer to losing our constitutional right in the Second Amendment, “the right to bear arms.”

I’ve heard no talk about removing that right, only assigning limits similar to controlling rocket launchers, grenades and anti-tank missiles.

While the NRA doesn’t discuss that aspect very much, this whole issue appears little different than the right to free speech, which still limits us from yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

Gary Turner


Please answer

My background is mainly in engineering and farming. I know little about politics and the art of governing.

I have a question for those who write letters to the editor concerning issues of a political nature.

What is the difference between ruling by edict and ruling by executive orders?

Give that question some deep thought.

Gordon Souder



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