Tuesday | July 26, 2016
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Your Views for January 8

Presidents’ vacations

I would like to reply to the letter, “Obama a ‘buffoon’” (Your Views, Tribune-Herald).

You wanted to make this political, but let’s look at facts instead. George W. Bush took 1,020 vacation days. He spent 32 percent of his presidency on vacation (while turning a balanced budget into our Great Recession).

Here is a breakdown of time spent on vacation for the last four presidents during the first 31 months in office: Barack Obama, 61 days; G.W. Bush, 180 days; Bill Clinton, 28 days; Ronald Reagan, 112 days.

In fact, Democrat presidents take far less vacation time than Republican presidents. That is because Democrat presidents work for the people, which takes time and effort.

Democratic presidents on average create two times the amount of jobs. Democratic presidents raise the national debt on average one-half the amount of Republican presidents — unless the Democrats have to clean up the mess of a Republican president who took a balanced budget and almost turned it into a Great Depression, all while spending one-third of his presidency on vacation.

What comes first? Your political party or America?

Bush took almost three years of vacation as the president of the United States.

Dennis Chaquette


Outpouring of aloha

When fire destroyed my Volcano home and pets in September, the entire Volcano community came to my aid. Those I had never met left clothing, food and even offered furry pets to replace those I had lost.

My deepest thanks to the Hawaii firefighters and Volcano volunteer fire department who fought so bravely for over three hours, and to the American Red Cross. Who knew a toothbrush could be so exciting!

On Nov. 30, 2012, the Epicenter band rocked Hilo town during a “Fungraiser” spearheaded by Tim DeSilva and Adele Cerny at Kim’s at the municipal golf course. With excellent music, dancing, food and friends, Big Island residents came together in support of my battle against the insurance Goliaths. In this homey restaurant, childhood classmates, retired teachers, musicians, BIJBS, my dancing buddies, Puna Hongwanji, Taishoji Taiko members, county workers, Hilo merchants and so many others came together in love and joy to celebrate life and rebirth.

My special mahalo to Epicenter, Bert Mukai of Kim’s and all of you who came to show your love and support. Though I have lost all material wealth, I am truly blessed to live in Hawaii with its unfailing aloha spirit.

Carolyn (Fung) Irvine



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