Saturday | July 30, 2016
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Your Views for July 10

Skewed priorities

In the July 3 issue of the paper, on page A3, there are two short articles relating to men being sentenced to jail.

In the first one, a male prison guard admitted he had sex with a female prisoner he was supposed to be guarding. He received a slap on the wrist of 20 months in jail and a $3,000 fine.

In the second, a man who stole some credit card information was sentenced to 20 years and restitution fines of $157,000!

Which man was more abusive: the man who raped a woman he was supposed to be protecting or the service station attendant who stole credit card information?

Judith Grogg

Mountain View

Defending Pahoa

On July 2, on the front page of the paper was an article about how Pahoa High and Intermediate School is “No. 1 for misconduct.” I find it interesting that the paper chose to put this story on its front page instead of the many other stories that are of importance around the world (e.g. fires burning in Arizona, the Snowden case, etc.).

However, if the paper wanted to write something about Pahoa, why did they not talk about the first zero-waste school event on the island that was able to stop hundreds of pounds of garbage to be shipped out to a landfill?

Why was the award of being one of the few, if not the only high school, to become a Hawaii Green Ribbon School for its work toward a more sustainable and Earth-friendly life style not mentioned? Or what about the countless student leaders who have travelled to other states to represent the school and the state to the nation?

Maybe how hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scholarships were won by these same students as well and some even getting accepted into military academies would have been an interesting read.

Does this paper really have nothing better to do than to defame a school that has fought for years to increase its reputation? Honestly, I am disappointed.

One may say that Pahoa High and Intermediate School is No. 1 for misconduct, but it has produced some of the most well-rounded students and leaders on this island.

I just hope that no other school has to go through something like this, and I hope this paper can find some more important news to cover and also be able to give a full picture of a school in the future.

Makana Agcaoili



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