Your Views for July 17

Let it be

The cartoon of George Zimmerman in (Tuesday’s) paper was irresponsibly inflammatory.

It was demanded that Zimmerman have a trial. He was tried by a jury and found innocent of murder and manslaughter. Why can’t we now leave it alone?

More young blacks are murdered in their own communities by other young blacks, and there is never any outrage about this.

Judi Motteler


Critical of DLNR

A July 14 Tribune-Herald article, “DLNR criticized over game plan,” expressed hunter dissatisfaction in the now three-year delay in releasing a Game Management Plan for the Island of Hawaii.

The plan was developed by a working group of island hunters and DLNR wildlife professionals, who held a dozen meetings and reviewed numerous preliminary drafts over a two-year period of time. The final draft report was submitted to DLNR in April, 2010.

Roger Imoto, DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife administrator, explained the delay in publication by stating, “the plan fell short of what the agency was hoping to get.” Mr. Imoto fails to mention that DLNR’s wildlife program manager and two other DLNR wildlife biologists were members of the working group that developed the plan! Mr. Imoto received notification of every meeting that was held, but chose not to participate.

Further, Mr. Imoto’s “plan fell short” claim is a clumsy excuse for DLNR foot-dragging, and is illustrative of the indifferent attitude the department holds for its hunting constituency.

With its ingrained philosophy of fencing and animal eradication, the department cannot come to grips with intelligent, scientifically-based game resource management as is successfully practiced throughout North America.

Tom Lodge

Game Management Working Group

Airline has no aloha

I agree with the recent letter criticizing Hawaiian Airlines for being unfriendly to Hawaii residents.

While I believe in free enterprise, we must keep in mind that our state is composed of islands, and we are dependant on the airlines for transportation.

Hawaiian Air charges outrageous fares for interisland travel. When I can go to New York for $500, but it costs $200 to go to Maui, I know something is wrong.

Because we’re so dependant upon the airlines, I believe our lawmakers should force them to do something to lower the fares for interisland travel.

Or, Hawaiian could do the right thing and start offering kamaaina rates — a long tradition that has worked so well for years.

A. Yamamoto



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