Thursday | November 23, 2017
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Your Views for July 30

Geothermal plans

I love Pohoiki (Isaac Hale Beach Park). Because of the ongoing eruptions (the loss of Kaimu and Kalapana beaches), it is the only place the County of Hawaii supports people going into the ocean in the district of Puna (the district is the size of the island of Oahu). I love to swim, surf and canoe-paddle here (I have even shared a wave here with our current mayor).

I’ve helped with clean-up projects here, along with planting native naupaka. I do not want this area impacted by the effects of geothermal development. I am not “anti-geothermal” per se; I just feel that an industrial development such as geothermal should be in an industrial area, not next to the only legal beach access in Puna. This area is known for its brackish water ponds, which show that there is a relationship between the ocean and near-shore area (there is a circulation of both the near-shore ocean water and the inland water table).

The owners of the property in question (for geothermal development) have been trying to develop their property for years, hosting two websites online, one for a hotel development and the other for geothermal development (the websites infer by photo that any development includes the “beach area” known as “Bowls” at the park).

It is my understanding that HELCO and its associated firms did a statewide search for prime spots for geothermal development. With thousands of acres of land in Puna, I find it odd that the only spot they want is one that has been advertising for such development.

Was this site picked for scientific reasons, or because HELCO had a willing partner? Please don’t ruin the only legal spot in Puna to go into the ocean.

David Ford


Pope’s pimp ride

Why do Popes have specially made cars?

Did Jesus surround himself with shields and armed soldiers when he walked amongst the people? Did Jesus spend vast amounts of money on clothes, transportation and accommodation?

What does Jesus think of popes who spend $500,000 for a car?

The popemobile currently used is a modified Mercedes-Benz M-Class sport utility vehicle with a special glass-enclosed room, with its own oxygen supply, that has been built into the back of the vehicle.

The pope sits in his chair, made from white leather with gold trim.

In addition to the driver, there is room for one passenger (usually a security agent) in the front of the vehicle.

The vehicle’s security features include bulletproof Plexiglas windows and roof, which are able to withstand explosions, and reinforced, armoured side panels and undercarriage designed to resist bomb blasts.

The popemobile is capable of moving at 160 mph.

Oh ye of little faith.

Dennis Chaquette



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