Friday | December 15, 2017
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Your Views for July 6

Gandhi’s assessment

W. H. Shipman wants to stop the people who have been caring for abandoned cats at the Keaau transfer station. Gandhi famously said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated.”

In Mexico, if you abuse or kill any animal, including abandoned cats, you go to jail.

In Japan, if you abandon an animal, you may be fined $5,000.

In Italy, in order to stop dog fighting, they enacted laws where you can be fined over $200,000.

In Switzerland, the state has assigned attorneys to represent abused animals, so that justice prevails.

In ancient Egypt, killers of cats and dogs were executed; today they are jailed and/or fined.

Animal cruelty is broken down into two main categories: active and passive.

Passive cruelty is typified by neglect.

Examples of neglect are starvation, dehydration, parasite infestations, allowing a collar to grow into an animal’s skin, inadequate shelter in extreme weather conditions, and failure to seek veterinary care when necessary.

Failing to care for a pet that needs help can be seen as a form of apathy, which is the opposite of aloha.

Shipman is being judged right now.

Dennis Chaquette


Sun and rain

Just wanted to comment on the article about Mandalay Bay Solar in Las Vegas producing electricity to thousands of homes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if HELCO should set up a photovoltaic solar system and pass it on to all their consumers islandwide?

Currently, only the rich can afford photovoltaic systems, and the rest of us continue to pay the high electric bills. With technology improving, and if HELCO set up a photovoltaic solar system, our electric bills could be reduced to almost less than half. Wouldn’t you like that?

We may have to pay for the expenses to set up and purchase the solar cells, but in the long run we will all benefit from it.

Our island can be self-sufficient, with lots of sunshine on the west side and lots of rain in the east side. Couldn’t we reduce our water bill, too?

Nora Zane


Independence Day

I was exasperated when I glanced at the front-page articles in the Tribune-Herald on the Fourth of July. First, in bold letters, it states, “County delays GMO vote.” Then, at the bottom corner of the folded top half, it states, “Mental disorders swamp hospitals.”

Aren’t “mental disorders” one of the myriad of potential harms from GMOs that are yet unproven?

I say stop stalling, County Council, and liberate us from GMO! We still have the dilemma of “unlabelled grocery products, not to mention all the livelihoods that will be exempted.

“We are what we eat!”

Richard F. Jones



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