Tuesday | November 21, 2017
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Your Views for July 7

Make it a felony

Thank you for your article by John Burnett (“Cat feeders given more time,” Tribune-Herald, June 30) that helps to highlight the problem with feral cat colonies. And thank you, Linda Moore (Your Views, June 30), for all your efforts on behalf of the cat colony at the Pahoa dump.

We must do something to prevent people from dumping kittens. That would solve the problem.

When people lack common sense, it’s time for the government to step in. I propose making animal cruelty a felony, punishable with lengthy prison sentences. The first person to be sentenced to five years in prison for dumping an animal will stop this practice on its tracks.

It’s not only cruel to the animals in question, but it also impacts our bird population.

Grigor Fedan


Bus fares sting

Everyone who voted to raise the bus fare should not be re-elected! After the economic downturn in 2008, I lost everything and my family and I became homeless. I’m just now getting back on my feet. But now the cost of looking for a job via the bus means that I will not have any money for anything else, such as toothpaste and clean clothes. Not being clean is not good for job interviews.

So rather then balancing the bus fares to enable those who can pay more to pay more, our Country Council decided to deliberately hurt those trying to survive. An income means-testing would have been the compassionate, intelligent solution. I also propose some unreasonable transportation tax (maybe $5,000 per week) for the mayor and the County Council members who voted, unwisely, to cripple our chances to become self-sufficient. It’s only fair.

Ric Rotondo


Restrict GMOs

A hearing on Bill 79 regarding GMOs on the Big Island was held July 2, my birthday. I turned 79.

I understand that there is an argument in favor of GMOs from some farmers, especially those that do acres and acres of mono crops (such as papaya) that are vulnerable to diseases.

The risks to our health from unknown and badly understood side effects of this technology is great. The pro-GMO movement also involves genetically modified seeds which cannot be saved, making the farmer dependent on “Big Ag” seed producers. This is the wrong direction to go.

The main choice seems to be go with the MONEY and hope that profits trickle down from “Big Ag” companies. Or, play it safe and protect the blossoming small/organic/sustainable/diversified farm movement that has so much promise for our island communities.

Please support Bill 79.

Tim Head


Winning above all?

Congratulations to the Hilo Bronco All-Stars for their recent victory in the state tournament! We are all so proud of you, boys. You represented Hilo well. Good luck at regionals.

And you coaches: Good work. You won the title. Even though not all the boys got a chance to play in the tournament, my son and husband defend you and say it’s strategy to win. And you did win. Even if some boys sat on the bench and made jokes about having box seats to the game. You won.

As a mom who does not coach, my heart bleeds for those boys who did not play. Call me a fool, but I think the boys matter more than the win.

Jackie Stradtmann-Carvalho


Great fireworks

Thank you to all those who contributed to make this Fourth of July fireworks celebration happen! It was truly a glorious show, and with all the “ahhs” and “wows” that were heard from those gathered, they too were also grateful for your generosity.

Catherine Kosora



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