Sunday | July 24, 2016
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Your Views for June 11

Bo a ‘good man’

Bo Johnson is my big brother. He has been missing in Hawaii (June 8, Tribune-Herald). The last time his family heard his voice was on Monday, May 27. He has a family: 11 siblings and two parents who love him dearly and are worried sick that he is missing.

Bo went to Hawaii in late January of this year looking for a nice long vacation. During that time, Bo and (apparent murder victim) Brittany-Jane (Royal) fell in love. In April, Bo told us that he was bringing Brittany to Alaska to meet the family and spend some time here. Brittany was the first girl that Bo ever felt was special enough to bring home. When they got here, Brittany and Bo learned that they were expecting a baby.

Bo and Brittany had dreams of buying land in Hawaii and building a life together there. They wanted to build a home and start an organic farm. He wanted to marry Brittany in the fall and have our whole family celebrate with them in Hawaii.

Their ultimate goal was to be happy and healthy in a safe home. Bo sold nearly everything he owned so he could afford buying land in Hawaii and start building their dream home. Bo took full responsibility for his unborn child. He spent his time in Alaska with his family, but taking care of Brittany was always his first priority.

I only knew Brittany for a couple weeks. In that short time, I could see how fun and free-spirited she was. I will always remember her great personality and lovely singing voice. I am deeply saddened for the loss of Brittany and her baby.

I grew up with Bo, and I know who he is. He is a good man. He is responsible, caring, and honest. If you know Bo, you know that he is a hardworking and respectful man. Everything he had, he had because he was determined, persevered through the rough times, and he worked for it.

A couple days before Bo and Brittany left to go back to Hawaii, Bo told me this year was turning out to be the best year of his life. He was happy, because he was going to live in a wonderful place and have a family. Unfortunately, with the death of Brittany and their child, that will not be happening.

If Bo is still alive, I am sure he is crushed over the loss of Brittany and their baby. Bo would never harm anyone, least of all the woman he loves.

Bo is still missing. We don’t even know if he is still alive. I love him so much. My family loves Bo, and we just hope and pray that he is alive. I miss my big brother.

Abigail Johnson

Petersburg, Alaska


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