Saturday | July 30, 2016
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Your Views for June 13

Pro-GMO articles

The series on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was supposed to “examine the controversial topic” but turned out to be more of a promotional piece for big agribusiness.

Monday’s article proclaimed the GMO papaya to be a success story. For whom? The article failed to mention the 2004 study that found genetic contamination of 80 percent of papayas tested on the Big Island. Most of the seeds tested were from organic farms. “Non-GMO” seed purchased from the University of Hawaii has tested positive for GM contamination.

I failed to see real examination of the myth that GM plants use less chemicals. Roundup-resistant plants are sprayed directly with Roundup, which means more chemicals. Now that the weeds are rapidly evolving Roundup resistance, farmers are encouraged to use “herbicide cocktails” which include 2,4-D, one of the main ingredients in napalm.

There was also no mention of the 50 percent increase in soy allergies in the United Kingdom in 1999, the year when GMO soy was introduced there. Nor did I see any mention that GMOs are prohibited in more than 60 countries.

The Tribune Herald’s apparently pro-GMO media blitz seems to coincide with the proposed legislation to prohibit GMOs on the Big Island. I guess we can’t rely on the government or media to keep us safe and informed. A‘ole GMO.

David Sansone


Praise for series

I am enjoying your series on GMO foods and crops (Tribune-Herald, June 9). I appreciate the straight-forward approach to this sensitive issue.

I will continue reading the series while snacking on some delicious GMO papayas grown right here in beautiful Hawaii.

A. Yamamoto


Stop tree-cutting

Has anyone noticed the massacre of trees going on at Lava Tree State Monument?

There is nothing wrong with them. They are not diseased or rotten. The tree-cutter said they were just leaning a little bit. They are even going to cut down the large tree at the main entrance that gives the park its beautiful identity.

Can we stop this from happening? It seems like such a shame to hack down this many trees whose canopies have shaded and sheltered the park for many, many years.

Paulette Welsh


Injured but OK

Mahalo to those unidentified registered nurses who stayed with me until the ambulance arrived. Their care, support and calling the ambulance is appreciated.

A professional fire rescue and ambulance team attended to me and transported me from the Safeway parking lot. Mahalo, Safeway manager, for your support. I am doing fine.

Tom Hughes



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