Thursday | July 28, 2016
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Your Views for June 27

Downward spiral

Regarding the Democrats’ lawsuit for partisan primaries: I would imagine that I speak for a good many people who are sick of the partisan general election. The non-partisan primaries let me vote for who I want, regardless of political affiliation, and then when we get to the general I have to select a party and only have choices from that ballot.

And I tell you, as many years as I can remember, even though I would vote for some Democrats, there is always a Republican or a Green that I really want to see elected, so I then pull that ballot in the general and don’t vote Democrat at all.

This country is in a downward spiral. The Democrats are the same as the Republicans now, and that is why we are in such a mess. Us “sheeple” need to wake up! The Fed has destroyed our currency, and you all owe interest to the Fed for the next seven generations or so. Hello — is anybody out there?

It is time for a new party — or at least some alternatives, like the Greens and Libertarians — to step forth and put in some good candidates, and then let us vote for whomever we want, not tied to any party at all.

I apologize for getting excited, but we are on a downward spiral, and it is going to get worse if we don’t wake up now.

Sara Steiner


Unfairly attacked

It is a shame that a fine organization like Goodwill Industries has been subjected to such inaccurate attacks in the Tribune-Herald (Your Views, June 22). Mr. Jack Renauer should get more facts before going into print.

Goodwill Industries is not a for-profit organization; it is a legal non-profit, and donations to Goodwill are fully tax-deductible. It is not “owned” by Mark Curran or any other individual. The Mark Curran story is a nasty Internet hoax which has been debunked numerous times.

Goodwill Industries does just what it says it does: sells donated goods, and uses the income to give job training to disabled people. It has done this for many decades, and operates in 15 countries.

There is no such thing as “Charitable Navigator.” The actual site is Charity Navigator, which lists many Goodwill Industries branches and gives every one of them either three or four stars (out of four) for efficiency.

Check it out on Charity Navigator or, which thoroughly blasts the whole nonsense story.

It would be good if people checked their facts before criticizing organizations which are so helpful in our community.

(And no, I’m not affiliated with Goodwill in any way.)

Dan Lindsay


Dangerous drive

I witnessed the aftermath of a bad traffic accident at Makuu Drive and Highway 130 the morning of June 21.

When, oh when, will the powers that be get a clue that we need traffic signals at these dangerous intersections at Paradise Drive, Kaloli, Makuu and Pahoa?

They might slow down traffic, but that would be a good thing. Get a clue, people.

Barbara Fahs



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