Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Your Views for June 28

The GMO debate

First of all, I would like to thank Councilwoman Margaret Wille for her Bill 79 to keep genetically engineered crops off the Big Island. With countries all around the world saying, “No to GMO,” we are in a perfect position to supply pure, clean seed crops to all of them.

Thankfully, with our prevailing winds coming off the wide Pacific, there should be no problem with cross-pollination from biotech crops. Maybe we can create some jobs, and in the future legalize and grow industrial hemp.

Secondly, Monsanto’s Alan Takemoto urges us to learn the facts by visiting their website. Of course, they are going to say it’s all safe and we can eat all kinds of Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) toxin, and it’s safe to eat food that has been drenched in Roundup. The way I feel is not enough testing has been done to be releasing all of this into our food supply.

Thirdly, for everyone with a genuine interest: Go to Monsanto’s website.

Then I suggest you see “Genetic Roulette” and “Seeds of Death-Unveiling the Lies of GMOs” — available online. Some research has been done, and it’s not pretty.

Personally, I have never liked the idea of messing with DNA — especially if it can “escape” and intermingle with other organisms.

Last thoughts: Why has Monsanto spent millions to avoid GMO food being labeled? Why do they have their own small army? Why have so many of them infiltrated our government?

Don’t panic; go back to organic!

Edie Bikle


Kenoi’s money grab

Let’ss look at the reality of living here on the Big Island. We have a mayor who has raised your property taxes, raised your vehicle fees so that low-income people will have to give up their jobs as they wont be able to afford to register their cars. Maybe the mayor will have the state remove the “Aloha” from our license plates.

Our mayor said he needs those increases to repair our buildings and support programs. He approved of the 4 percent pay raise for county workers, which I think was a good thing. After all, they have been furloughed for a long time.

But what is he really thinking? He says: Fix up our structures. But now the Parks department is going to raise park fees and they said it’s to repair the old buildings we have. Hey, how about painting the Honomu gym, which is a real mess?

So if the Parks people are going to repair, than what is the mayor going to do with all the millions he is getting for his increases? Ah, yes, he will get his 19 percent pay raise and so will the upper chain of command — 19 percent raises for the high-paying jobs, and 4 percent raises for the lower ones. Now that is mathematics at its highest degree.

They say it is so that the Big Island administrators’ income will be like the other islands. Well, the other islands have jobs. We do not. My suggestion, is that if our administrators do not like what they are being paid, then maybe they should relocate to where they will get more money.

With our economy the way it is, I think they should take at least a 10 percent cut in pay. But then, those are my thoughts.

John Gallipeau



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