Monday | September 26, 2016
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Your Views for June 4

Illogical lawmakers

Let me see if I understand this. The County Council “generally” supports a vehicle tax increase because:

1. Hawaii County has the lowest rate of any county in the state;

2. The rate has not been increased since 2004.

Tell me, am I the only one to see the stupidity of this logic?

Stephen Butler


Too many fees

Can someone tell me what these hotel resort fee charges are all about?

Lately, hotels are adding to the daily room charge something they are calling a resort fee. This charge is a euphemism for guest-gouging.

In the Kona area, one popular hotel tags on a resort fee of $25 dollars a day, plus $17 a day to park the car that you have to use to get there.

Another hotel charges $31.25 a day, plus an unpublished (but I’m sure expensive) charge for high-speed Internet. The third adds on $25, but that includes the parking.

It was not that long ago, when I stayed at these same hotels, that I never paid a resort fee and still enjoyed the amenities. Now, the pool, towel use and telephone access are part of the resort fee mentally of guest-gouging. By the way, the phone charge shouldn’t count either — we all bring our own.

So, if you are planning a “staycation” this summer, you had better hold on to your wallet. I heard the next charges will be for clean sheets and the toilet paper.

Richard Dinges


Remembering ‘60

This is an open letter to Chile resident Ana Maria Smith: We want to say “thank you” for your annual donation of flowers in memory of the tidal wave that originated in Chile and destroyed Waiakea town. The bouquet this year was so beautiful.

The bouquet is placed at the base of the Waiakea clock on Kamehameha Avenue each May 23 on the anniversary of the 1960 tsunami. The flowers are placed in memory of those who lost their lives on that fateful day.

We are touched that from faraway Chile, you continue to remember and honor our friends and relatives.

I would personally thank you for all these years of sending the beautiful flowers. If you are ever in Hilo, please give me a phone call at (808) 935-2413. I would like to get a picture of you with the famous clock.

I am 95 years young, but I go to the clock and clean the area every day.

On behalf of the Waiakea Pirates Athletic Club and the former residents of Waiakea town, we thank you for your generous and kind remembrance over the years.

Takayoshi “Taka” Kanda and Len Shimabukuro

Waiakea Pirates Athletic Club


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