Wednesday | May 06, 2015
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Your Views for June 5

Squeeze continues

It troubles me to hear that the Hawaii County Council wants to raise the tax rates for property and vehicles. Also, HELCO is raising its rates.

The county says it hasn’t raised its rates since 2004. But that’s about when the economy was on the down-slide. How many of you who work in the private sector have received significant raises since 2004? And to those who are civil servants: You have had benefit cuts and furloughs?

Cost of living has risen — rent, food, gas, electricity, car insurance, medical premiums, and many other goods and services. Yet, most incomes have only increased by a fraction compared to inflation.

So, how can many politicians approve raises, build a multi-million dollar cultural center, etc. — and how can HELCO continue paying their company officers millions a year — while increasing rates and cutting services?

You’ve heard the expression of trying to fit a gallon into a quart. In this case, they seem to be trying to squeeze a gallon OUT of a quart.

Cary Tahara


No aloha

The headline in the Sunday edition screams, “Bill would raise vehicle taxes.” I wrote earlier that Gov. Abercrombie already raised vehicle licensing and fees 160 percent for the whole state.

Mayor Billy Kenoi and the County Council believe that their constituency has more money available to pay for their mismanagement? They need to be recalled or impeached now!

Political leadership is not sane when they continue to raise your debt and participate in the theft of the island. The council and state government will not consider expense-limiting legislation but will consider increasing your own instead.

Recall and impeach the old ones and the most recent. Does their justification — “Let’s raise it because it hasn’t been raised for a while or because they are lower than the other guys” — sound sane? You got to be kidding.

Look at the verbiage on your automobile license plates: “Aloha State.”

Not even.

Gerald Ferro


Tax hikes will hurt

Shame on the Kenoi administration and the County Council for increasing property tax rates by 10 percent. This is going to hurt the economy and hurt the people. Ten percent is “make or break” for some families and businesses.

A. Yamamoto



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