Wednesday | February 22, 2017
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Your Views for March 12

Sacred mountain

Mauna Kea is sacred ground. It is our connection to the cosmos (an orderly, harmonious systematic universe). There is already much that has been imposed on and disrespects our sacred mountain. The same has been done to the kanaka maoli (mind and soul) for many years. We and Mauna Kea are one.

To go forward, there must be a reconciliation (a restoration to harmony). Recognize what is not pono and make it right. Ho‘oponopono. We cannot go backward, but we can try to reverse the damage by protecting and restoring; malama what is.

It is clear to see that there needs to be some dismantling (decommissioning) before any more telescopes are considered; any additional grubbing and grating would further desecrate, violate the sanctity of and disrespect Mauna Kea.

We decide within ourselves, but our actions manifest our intent. We choose to become a blessing or a curse to ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. Today’s leaders will restore humanity and stand for what is pono.

Luana Jones


‘Get over it’

This is in regard to the Faye Hanohano fiasco. I for one feel that Ms. Hanohano made a mistake, but has apologized for it.

As a local, I have grown up with all races, colors and creed here in Hawaii nei. We enjoy each other’s ethnic foods, respect each other’s culture, and sometimes make fun of each other’s differences. But it’s tempered with the love that any ‘ohana living here give to their own.

We are one, big, (sometimes dysfunctional) family. We laugh, we cry, we hurt, we nurture. But we get along. It’s like the Beamer Brothers song, “Mr Sun Cho Lee.” All us guys we tease da other race, but it’s not really amazing that we can live in this same place.

It’s home; get over it. Move on. Get more important stuffs to deal with. Aloha mai kakou.

Gary Fujihara


Your move, chief

I am writing in response to your article, “Police officer reprimanded following misconduct complaint.”

Sgt. Darryel Tolentino should have not acted the way he did toward the defendant. Also, what about the other two officers present at the time this took place? You mean to say it is all right to watch and let it carry on? Why didn’t the other two officers try to stop Tolentino? I feel they are just as wrong to let this abuse go on.

The public really doesn’t know if Tolentino got reprimanded or not. I feel the public should know what happened or what punishment officers receive for violations they commit. When people get arrested but are not charged yet, the Tribune-Herald prints their names. That is why most people have this attitude of the cops-against-us feeling.

So, I wonder what the chief is going to do to make some of us in the public feel safer!

D. Nishimoto



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