Thursday | November 23, 2017
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Your Views for March 13

Not a chance

Rep. Cindy Evans’ spaceport fantasy for Naalehu (March 8, Tribune-Herald) will never fly!

Ms. Evans must not have studied the area’s track record of past projects that were proposed and would have been a boon for all in the area and for the Island of Hawaii.

Seventeen years ago when I moved to that area, the town was alive and thriving, and every time a project was proposed to the township, people came out of the bushes and nixed all of them — projects from rocket-launching sites, to prisons and hotels.

A few days ago, I visited my mom’s gravesite, and I could not believe the condition of the town of Naalehu. Empty stores, movie house closed and rotting, two churches gone and an overall unkempt look.

The only two things looking good and well-kept were the cemetery and the social service office next to the post office.

My advice to Ms. Evans is simple: Take the table that the spaceport idea will be placed on, then sell the table and donate the funds to Naalehu. And, if you plan to continue your noble quest for the area and Hawaii, as I’ve said before to other developers, make sure you tell the people the social services office will be enlarged.

Good luck, because the idea sounds great to me. And, if accomplished, all in the area will benefit.

Carmine Spada


Wasted money

He’s done it again. The mayor’s administration has cost the taxpayers over $800,000. The lack of oversight on contracts, especially in the Department of Environmental Management, has cost the taxpayers of this county all of this money.

Where are our audits of all county departments?

Our tax money is going down the drain. Apparently the county cannot write a contract and enforce it.

Bob Dukat


Banner not answer

I’ve been reading the recent articles regarding Banner Health, the Arizona-based health care company, and have some concerns.

If Banner Health takes over Hawaii’s public hospitals, we will be letting a private mainland corporation come here and make money off the people of Hawaii.

They are also going to be taking money from us taxpayers, because they’re expecting the state to help fund them. Why should we support a mainland company to provide health care services for Hawaii?

Here on the Big Island, we do not have a lot of options in terms of health facilities and doctors, but with our current system of public hospitals, such as Hilo Medical Center, we can rest assured that no one is turned away and everyone gets the health care services they need. With Banner Health, if certain services are not profitable, they can decide to cut those critical services. What do we do then?

Banner Health calls itself nonprofit, but their record shows that they are highly motivated by money, with little interest in providing high quality health care for the people.

Hawaii’s public health facilities may need help, but there has to be another way that won’t hurt our small communities and the state. And it’s not Banner Health.

Kepa Kekaualua



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