Monday | March 27, 2017
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Your Views for March 21

Time for an audit

In reference to the article, “UHH pharmacy school funding is in jeopardy,” Tribune-Herald, Tuesday, March 19: First, be it clearly understood that while I support the pharmacy school at University of Hawaii at Hilo, I am disturbed as well as outraged at the statement by Dean John Pezutto, “Having already invested $5.5 million in the planning and design of the building, it would be hard to come to grips with the notion that people wouldn’t see the merit in (funding the building).”

Well, Mr. Pezutto, I happen to be one of those people that you apparently speak of. And as a taxpayer who has helped to fund that outrageous expenditure ($5.5 million), I demand to know just what $5.5 million (repeat, $5.5 million) was spent on? What in God’s name kind of a building are you people proposing? And, according to you, that’s only for “planning and designing.”

What is needed here before our Legislature authorizes another dime is … for them, on behalf of us taxpayers, to demand an outside independent audit of just where in hell our tax dollars are really going.

Ron Baptista

Mountain View

Beneficial school

In earnest endeavor, I truly believe that our legislators are responsibly and conscientiously attempting the unenviable task of balancing a precariously overloaded budget.

Let’s just hope that our leaders will have the vision to recognize the importance and benefit the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy building and program will be for our community, the university system, the state of Hawaii, our beloved country, and the world.

Gary Fujihara


Thanks for support

I write this as a concerned citizen, Hilo local, and a Daniel K. Inoyue College of Pharmacy student. I was born and raised here in Hilo, and I have nothing but pride in this town and Hawaii itself. It took hard work and determination to get here, but I am now finishing my first year as a pharmacy student. This College of Pharmacy (CoP) is relatively new, only having graduated two classes and, after this spring, its third.

The CoP has given an opportunity for Hilo to gain acknowledgment and, more importantly, for Hawaii residents to enroll in a doctorate program with affordable tuition. On average, out-of state tuition can be $50,000 per academic year, according to American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, whereas, at the local CoP, the tuition is just over $18,000 for local students. The CoP provides an opportunity of earning a doctorate of pharmacy degree for Hawaii students to be more affordable and realistic.

However, it’s time for re-accreditation and, with no permanent facilities, we could lose our accreditation. Losing this would mean starting at square one; there would be no guarantee that when we graduate, we would have acceptable degrees, so all our hard work could go to waste.

Unfortunately, the sole cause of this would be the lack of funding for a permanent facility. I just wanted to thank all those who supported petitioning for the funding for our permanent facility. You’ve done more than we could ask for.

Moani-Lehua Hagiwara



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