Thursday | September 21, 2017
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Your Views for March 23

Appoint an expert

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has established a refinery task force. Hawaii’s main refinery, Tesoro, is closing. There is a very good possibility that the only other refinery, Chevron, may soon do the same.

This leaves our state very vulnerable, as the majority of all our electricity generation, as well as our transportation fuel, is manufactured in these two refineries. As you can see, this task force and its recommendations and advice will be very important to the future of our state.

The only company that has built a new refinery in Hawaii is Pacific Biodiesel, with a 5-million-gallon facility on Big Island. You would think that the governor would turn to them to be part of this task force, yet for some reason he has not.

I am asking the governor to appoint Bob King of Pacific Biodiesel. Of all the potential new technologies for refining biofuels in the state, he has put his money and technological skill into a real state-of-the-art refinery.

So, governor, what’s your answer?

Sean Lester


Protect tide pools

In response to the article about the Waiopae fish dying off: My friends and I snorkel there on a regular basis, once to three times a week.

We were there Saturday, March 16. That’s when we first noticed something was wrong. I was there again on Wednesday afternoon, the 20th, around 2:30 p.m.

For the “health officials” to not notice or not mention anything about the water color is ludicrous! The water is a sickly amber yellow and spreading out toward the reef break.

I picked up and held in my hand (in the water), what appeared to be a perfectly normal/healthy shrimp but it was dead on Wednesday.

The water was clear, as the article stated, except for the typical thermals or the mixing of fresh water with salt water, but it was the color of the water and the dead fish that is of concern. Fish don’t just die without a cause, and I hope they find out what caused this. Pronto!

I’m partial to the tide pools, and they need much better protection on so many levels. It’s a sanctuary in title only.

Denni Gaeth


Too many critics

It never surprises me, the number and status of finger-pointers and naysayers who rush forward to blame and ask for resignations without putting forward their own resumes, gaffes and all.

Is there some measurement of perfection that they have attained which convinces them that, given the opportunity to be still and quiet versus mouthy and inane, they take the latter?

How many who have come forward to bash Rep. Faye Hanohano are willing to prove they are beyond personal reproach and have never needed at least one gift of mercy, grace and tolerance? Additionally, several who have come forward have done so without awareness of the indigenous and national culture of this Hawaiian nation.

Jerry Ferro



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