Monday | January 15, 2018
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Your Views for March 27

Keep the towers

The article, “FAA to close 149 towers,” (Tribune-Herald, March 23), is scarier than most people realize, especially politicians.

As a pilot for more than 50 years, I can tell you firsthand how dangerous it is landing or taking off from an uncontrolled airfield.

When winds are relatively light, a pilot can and will land from either end of a runway — whichever is more convenient. I have had the experience of watching a plane land at the other end of a runway coming at me while I was taking off at Livermore airport in California. The pilot landing was not monitoring his radio, which is not uncommon at small airports.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle do not seem to care for the welfare of the citizens of these United States. I believe their only concern is making noise and hoping to get re-elected.

Before politicians make it to office, the same rhetoric is used by all of them. They all talk about veterans, education, the future of our children, infrastructure, ending our wars, and on and on.

Maybe, if one of these politicians had the experience of flying in an aircraft and seeing another coming at him, they may see the light and do for all of us what they said they were going to do while they asked for our votes.

Carmine Spada


Who is in charge?

I sit here and read the paper, wondering what is happening to our beautiful state. There seems to be a takeover by corporations and greedy individuals. The Legislature passed a bill last year, taking away the rights of our county to control what the geothermal developers want to do in our backyards (Act 97).

The GMO companies are … putting GMO products into our food without having to tell us, because it would drive up the cost of food. This in a state with the highest food costs in the country. They don’t seem to care about the cost of future medical problems or the quality of life in our islands.

The state gives away the right to manage our mountain, Mauna Kea, so there can be observatories and multinational corporations can make money selling time looking at our sky. If the state is going to sell our resources, we should be getting paid for them.

What kind of people are running this state?

Steve Sparks


TSA and knives

I can’t believe that they are willing to allow knives on airlines? They said that thousands of knives are confiscated every day. They are saying that knives are OK, but we still have to remove our shoes, belts, jackets and empty our pockets out in order to get past security?

Why, instead of allowing knives, don’t they allow us to bring water? How many bottles of water are thrown away each day? Millions of dollars are being wasted when we are forced to discard our bottles of water before we go through security. Then we end up going to the airport vendor to buy another bottle of water. The average person does not go and buy a knife every day.

TSA, show me the water!

Russell Arikawa



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