Friday | November 24, 2017
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Your Views for March 7

Man of the cloth

This is a response to the article about Father George DeCosta’s alleged sexual abuse.

I have known Father George more than 25 years. He was and is still an outstanding man of the cloth. He always puts others first before himself. He always was and still is … helping those in need.

To think that money is the root of evil, with those who are accusing him of wrongdoing, is beyond mentioning.

We at Malia and St. Joseph churches are very familiar with his standing in the community and all the help he has offered to all — even the Kulani inmates. Without his help to the homeless, some would not have become successful parents and servants to the public.

May God bless you, Father George. I stand 200 percent behind you. Keep up all the good works you have started and continue to grow with our Lord God.

Mahalo for being in my life.

Toni Granito


Numbers game

Regarding the legislative bill on redistricting: Having failed the constitutionality test in the state Supreme Court regarding the counting of nonresident military and nonresident students for redistricting purposes, Republican state Sen. Sam Slom of Oahu is now trying a different way to remove the Big Island’s newly gained and very active seat and give it back to Oahu — Senate Bill 286.

This bill, supported by state Sen. Malama Solomon, would allow these people, who are resident in our state only temporarily and who still consider their home states their primary residences, and who vote in those states, to be virtually counted twice.

The rationales, given by Solomon, are that (1) it wouldn’t have impact until the 2020 Census and (2) “with sequester, we don’t know where our military population will be,” as if that should matter.

Fact is, it doesn’t matter where they are, as long as they are counted only once. Resident military should, of course, be counted. Resident students likewise. And there will indeed be an impact before 2020, because we will have state elections in 2016.

When I served on the County Redistricting Commission, we noted that we didn’t even have street addresses for most of the nonresident students, just P.O. boxes. And, as we all know, it is quite possible to live in one district and get your mail in another district — especially if you work there or are renting or have moved.

So it is impossible to draw fair and accurate district lines based on population residence for most of the nonresident students. This is not even being considered by Slom and Solomon, according to the Tribune-Herald’s March 1 article.

René Siracusa

Former chair,

2011 Hawaii County Redistricting Commission

Not a ‘slur’

Lottie Tagupa’s response to Ms. Eva Smith (Your Views, Tribune-Herald, March 3) asked, “Since when is ‘haole’ a racial slur?” Well, it isn’t. It’s the word that sometimes comes in front of “haole” that makes it a racial slur.

Peace and aloha to all.

P. Lonokapu



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