Wednesday | April 26, 2017
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Your Views for May 1

Mauna Kea driving

Just a note to all driving up to Mauna Kea.

I took the ohana to see the snow in February. While driving up on the narrow road, workers from an observatory were racing up the road, overtaking me. They were driving white SUVs. ... I guess they were in a rush to get to work first at the expense of others. It’s very unsafe and stupid.

The road is very narrow, and my niece said, “We’re going to die!” Think about that.

L. Bonga


Bravo, da Vinci

I recently had a total hysterectomy performed at the Queen’s Medical Center using the da Vinci robot. It was awesome!

They wheeled me into the operating room before going under. I got to see the robot, which was suspended from the ceiling. My surgical team was tops!

I was diagnosed with Grade 3 uterine cancer in January.

I think we are fortunate to have this new technology in Hawaii, and the skilled physicians to operate it. ...

Many mahalos to everyone who has helped me through this process.

Terri Scott


Credit the people

The economy improves. Who should get credit?

It should be us, folks. We’re the ones who are helping to rebuild the economy. Yes, us, the people; not the politicians in Congress who are always playing the “Blame Game” in their own little universe.

So, the economy is now growing, albeit slowly, despite what Congress didn’t do. You know, these lawmakers could learn a bit from the people they think they represent. Seems like they not only waste their own time, but our taxpayers’ time and money. So much waste, so little accomplished. Whatever happened to the “trickle up” common sense?

Pollution factoid: If you bottle up all the wasted words that politicians emit, it would form a chain of plastic containers that would encircle our planet 1,001 times! (Note: This has not been validated yet, but we’re researching the numbers. This estimate might be under-inflated).

Lloyd Fukuki


Traffic light needed

In the mid-1960s, New Jersey removed three traffic circles on the main route from Philadelphia to the Jersey shore points. They had always been a major dread factor on the journey for me. Yes, many people do not drive with aloha.

I’ve recently witnessed (I was yielding) a horrific accident on Highway 130 at the Pahoa turn — one of many, from what I’ve heard.

Please, to the powers that be: Install a traffic light. With this area’s growth rate, I believe a traffic circle (roundabout) would be a nightmare.

I love Pahoa town, but I will sometimes drive to Keaau just to avoid that horrible intersection.

J.A. Ramirez

Paradise Park


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