Tuesday | August 30, 2016
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Your Views for May 15

No accountability

In light of the recent request for a 10 percent property tax increase, I was alarmed to read Nancy Cook Lauer’s article regarding the lack of timely reporting of the $200,000 from the emergency fund to the nonprofit Food Basket.

I support helping people in need. But as a property owner, I was left very frustrated at the apparent lack of accountability for such a large sum. How the county spends our tax money now should be transparent and above reproach.

The other day I saw two full pages of foreclosures for lack of property tax payments to the county. Clearly, the county keeps careful records of taxes due. Before asking us for more money, the county needs to insure equally careful records of the way our money is spent.

J. Moncada


Mayor doesn’t care

It is hard to believe Mayor Billy Kenoi wants to raise taxes so much (10 percent for all classes). I don’t feel like he cares about the people.

Makes me wish, again, that Harry (Kim) had won. He cares about us.

A. Yamamoto


Beliefs vs. needs

I hope everyone understands the implications of the IRS going after organizations on the “right.” The IRS is the enforcement arm of Obamacare. More than 16,000 new agents have been hired to scrutinize everyone’s medical records.

This politicization of the IRS demonstrates that your political beliefs, your religious beliefs and your medical history will be used against you.

You might not be told directly that you (or family members) are being denied a surgery, a limb replacement, etc. You will be buried in paperwork that will in effect deny you treatment. This is the IRS modus operandi in the case of these organizations seeking non-profit status: an avalanche of paperwork asking questions in violation of constitutional permission.

This is not a Tea Party issue. When the government, which derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed,” seeks ever greater control over we the governed, it is the duty of us all to defend our liberties.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are protectors of our God-given freedoms. It behooves citizens across the political spectrum to hold government accountable to our founding documents.

David DeCleene



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