Friday | December 09, 2016
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Your Views for May 2


As reported in the Tribune-Herald on April 27, the state has rejected the University of Hawaii at Hilo College of Pharmacy’s bid for a permanent building that would have allowed students to be housed in one place and not all over the campus, which has resulted in losing points in an accreditation evaluation (as reported in the April 21 Tribune-Herald).

They say maintenance cost is a factor in turning down such a building. Yet, not to long ago, the state approved a $30 million (first installment) to build a building to teach the Hawaiian language, and there was no problem with maintenance costs.

So, what are the priorities here? Is a language building more important than a pharmacy building that would provide a profession to students and would give them job opportunities? There are many other facilities available to learn the Hawaiian language. I do believe language is important, but I also believe in teaching students so they will have job opportunities in the future.

It seems that we keep voting people in office who have no thoughts for the future. They spend recklessly on trivial things, but when it comes to something important, they are blind.

John Gallipeau


Keep grads safe

As reported in the Tribune-Herald on March 12, since the beginning of the year, there have been 241 DUI arrests, 244 major accidents and nine fatalities.

With all these statistics, people need to keep in mind that this is graduation season. There will be many people celebrating. For those who are going to be celebrating, please be responsible, because your actions could add to these statistics for yourself and for others.

For those who are hosting parties, be sure you have drivers for those that have been drinking alcohol or under the influence. Be safe. Don’t drink and drive!

Ashley Demello


No equality

In response to the “Smoked out” article (Tribune-Herald, April 26): I, too, agree that smokers pay high enough taxes and should be given some leeway with the law.

We’ve got wheelchair-accessible entries, lounges for employees, smoke-free establishments (even the taxpaying owners have no say), smoke-free condos (taxpaying homeowners have no say) and God knows what else. But, do we have lounges for smokers? Beaches or parks for smokers? NO! This is outright segregation.

We smokers are looked upon as pollutants. I for one am trying to quit, but do employers have a rehab program for the addicted smoker, as they do for drug addiction? Not that I know of.

Please, give us a break! The cities have bus stops … why no covered, designated smoking areas? Where’s the equality?

Harriet Chung



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