Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Your Views for May 21

Keep GMO out

On May 15, Dennis Gonsalves was quoted, “Only the seeds of the pollinated non-transgenic plant may carry the Rainbow genes, not the fruit itself.” This is either a blatant lie, or ignorance.

Within each seed is the makings of the final result, with added nutrients. Everything in the seed affects the final result. If one puts in a poison, that poison is in the flower, nectar, pollen and fruit, causing the fruit to be poisonous. There has even been discussion that some of the “GMO-ed” food has poisons that are killing the honey bees. And I find it less than coincidental that with the increase of GMO usage, we are losing honey bees at an alarming rate. I can only hope that Hawaii Island keeps GMO out — or else the growers may find themselves hand-pollinating all that need the honey bee. China is already doing that.

Guy B. Shepard


Bullying a problem

My name is Cody Lindsey-Leong, and I am an upcoming senior attending Honokaa High. I believe that a very suitable topic to talk and seriously consider discussing about would be bullying.

Bullying is a serious thing to talk about because many people are victims of bullying. Many people feel the reason they are bullied is because of how they look. That causes them to hurt their health. They also change there attitudes and change from the person that God made them to be, into someone that they are pretending to be. They change and just treat others the same way they were treated, causing a whole cycle of bullying. It’s like a never-ending cycle of hurt, which can only be stopped by someone just ignoring what they say or someone else jumping in to help prove the bullies wrong.

Actions are necessary, because if this continues, more people will be damaged and cause more problems. Being bullied can cause many to be suicidal, or do seriously insane things. We need to prevent this because in some ways we are all the same.

A realistic solution to this problem would be to actually care and to stand up; be the person to help rather, the one causing the problem. We need programs that teach true results of the horrors that can happen. We need to show teens now how some victims take the name calling and the hitting. They need to know how serious the things they say can hurt. School programs would be an excellent thing to try. It would show them the pain and suffering they go through. Please consider this.

Cody Lindsey-Leong



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