Sunday | September 24, 2017
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Your Views for May 3

Show was a hit

A sincere salute and thanks to the many persons involved in the Palace Theater’s “Vaudeville Variety Show” this past weekend. It was a superb event — reminding us once again of Hilo’s many talented and outgoing people. Up with Hilo!

Gene Barber


Eradicate who?

Today’s paper (April 27) included a letter that said, “Let’s start with eradicating these humans.” One thing I’ve learned from living and working in islands is that everyone knows everybody, sooner or later, so you have to get along.

I think I work with a relative of this lady, and since she invokes God in the letter, I think we’re both Christians. So I wonder, did she really mean to say that? Eradicate who? The humans who bring invasive species?

Known individuals brought in the sheep, deer, miconia and coqui, but to eradicate those people? Pretty harsh. Or did she mean to eradicate the people who come here and want to change things? Again, harsh.

Let’s take a big step backwards from this kind of talking, and while we’re at it, a big step back from the “Defend Hawaii” bumper stickers with machine guns. Would the Tribune-Herald publish those, too?

Kathleen Friday


Dog park needed

Dogs are known as man’s best friend.

Nowadays, people tend to treat their dogs better than their families. All over Oahu, there are dog parks throughout the island where people can take there dogs and let them run free in a inclosed park. They also get a chance to interact with other dogs. This is a friendly environment for people to meet other dog owners and gives their dog’s a chance to run around.

The problem is that the town of Hilo doesn’t have any dog parks. I have been a dog owner through out my life and I can never find a place that allows dogs to run around the park.

Isaac Pacheco


Staying homeless

People become homeless for many reasons. Being homeless is not a crime and it can happen to anyone. Homelessness can not only happen to anyone, but it can happen in the blink of an eye. They become homeless due to losing a job, losing a loved one, dept, not being able to pay rent, etc. The list just keeps going on and on and on.

If the cost of living keeps going up, we’re going to see more people out on the streets in the years to come. During today’s economy, everybody’s bending back and going that extra step just to try and make ends meet.

They’re not able to keep up with rent, bills and other stuff.

Most of these people don’t have family or even family that are willing to help them. They struggle and stress out because they know that all it takes is a single paycheck away from being homeless even if they don’t choose to live their lives as a homeless.

One the other hand, some of these people that become homeless refuse to try and get things back on track. They don’t like to follow rules and have no structure. They like the fact that they don’t have no worry about bills. They become accustomed to the freedom type of lifestyle and stay homeless.

Becoming homeless is not a choice, but staying homeless is another thing.

Cedric Lodivero



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