Friday | June 23, 2017
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Your Views for May 31

Transfer site blues

Can someone please explain to me how the current transfer station policy is saving money?! The “cost saving” method has been in place for a few years, and it’s a total bust. Why are we paying for a county employee to sit/guard the transfer station when it’s closed?

And why is it closed?! Things worked pretty well when it was always open, and a local guy was paid (I’m sure) minimum wage to lock/unlock the gates, and he was way more helpful than the county folks, who admittedly earn lots more money!

Please, Billy (Kenoi) and others involved, give us back our transfer stations and let us manage them for the benefit of all. Goodwill’s gone, and now we need a place to share our extras with other neighbors. Get out of the way, and save some taxpayer dollars, too!

And, yes, I am a resident who received a warning from our trash task force to not leave any trash outside the gate at Kalapana. Do we really pay folks to sort through our trash? Surely, there are better uses for their skills.

Mary Blair

Puna Palisades

Inferior bags

I am sick of dealing with inferior quality paper bags at the market. They tear when you try to pick them up, and they fall apart when they have frozen or cold foods in them. They are awkward to carry — especially for the elderly and disabled.

I am told that Safeway has better-quality bags with handles on them, which is a much better alternative. I feel we should be given a choice between paper and plastic bags even if there is a small fee.

Diana Allegra


Stop paying?

Here we are, folks. The County Council, in all of their wisdom, has decided not to tackle the problem of delinquent property taxes. Combined with the state Legislature’s recent foreclosure law changes, we will now have a population not making mortgage payments or property tax payments and living in their homes for free. Should we all stop all payments and live for free ?

Wonder why the county wants to raise taxes, for those of us that pay them.

Bob Dukat



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