Saturday | February 25, 2017
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Your Views for May 4

Mahalo for aid

A big mahalo to the kind person or persons who came to my son Jon Patterson’s aid on Tuesday, March 5, and called 911.

He was traveling on Komohana Street when he felt a strong tingling in his arm and pulled to the side of the road. The next thing he knew, he was being transferred to the hospital via ambulance, not knowing who came to his rescue.

We (his family) are deeply grateful.

Virginia P. Maeda


Tower concerns

I am a resident of Kaumana who is concerned about the new Verizon cellphone tower that is being built by my house. As of now, there have been no long-term studies about the health risks such a tower can pose to humans.

Until health concerns and consequences are addressed, no towers should be placed in residential areas. I am not a Guinea pig. These towers have destructive environmental impacts that are bad and harmful for the eco-system, as well an eyesore for the community.

This is a concern for all residents in Hawaii County. If it happened in Kaumana, it can happen to your area as well.

Jesse Timmons


‘Price local’

One extremely important fact that the “Think Local, Buy Local” proponents shouldn’t overlook is that local businesses need to “price local.”

Products produced and purchased locally shouldn’t be more expensive than the same product purchased abroad. A good example of this uniquely Hawaii phenomenon can be seen during travels to mainland California, where you can buy fresh Hawaii pineapple for 35 percent less than in Hilo.

Bananas imported from thousands of miles away are 75 percent less than we pay for bananas grown practically outside our grocery store’s door.

This pattern holds true throughout the fresh produce aisle, with everything from avocados to wi fruit. “Price local” instead of as if our Big Island-grown tomatoes and coconuts were imported from half way around the world or some other planet, then people will be much more inclined to “buy local.” This holds true for everything we produce here.

Think about it. When you live in Columbia, you don’t pay more for coffee than you do in San Francisco.

Scott Bosshardt


Thanks, Aiona

The Hilo Grandmothers Club wishes to honor Aiona Car Sales and Pat Aiona Jr. for always having a truck ready for the grandmothers to decorate and be in the Merrie Monarch parade.

Pat goes out of his way to be helpful. He is caring and kind. I do hope you will look to Aiona the next time you are looking for a car. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Jherrie Rubeyiat


Hilo Grandmothers Club


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