Monday | April 27, 2015
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Your Views for May 8

Truth about towers

I read with interest the misguided letters against cell towers. I submit that there have been some studies on the risks, and here is an link to an article published by the American Cancer Society:

If this is not enough to satisfy your concerns, then I suggest you turn off your cell phone, microwave, TV, radio and all other forms of non-ionizing radiation.

Towers are placed to provide good coverage … they have to be near residential areas, otherwise you would be complaining about dropped calls and lack of coverage.

I know, you want the cellphone, but not the tower. Well, it doesn’t work that way. Of course, the conspiracy theorists will never be convinced — all while they send their text messages and phone calls to like-minded individuals, over the same cell tower network they despise.

David Porter


Mixed messages

Now, let me get this straight: We have to be assaulted, almost daily, by hateful, misguided commentary about our president, on a busy street, in front of a children’s playground (at Lincoln Park) and yet we must pull up native taro, planted in the ground … twice — one time during the Merrie Monarch Festival for the world to see! Tell us, why is this so?

What’s wrong with this picture??

Suzanne O’Meara


No love

It is with much warmth that I am writing this letter, having been born here and spent most of my life on the island.

I was recently driving home and was pulled over for speeding in one of our well-known speed trap roads, where honestly we all know the limits don’t make sense. I wasn’t offended by that fact; I was at fault. … What bothered me is the spirit our police force portrays. They have no compassion left. Instantly, I was hounded as if I was drinking. I’d been working late, and just wanted to get home. I was treated like a criminal, with the sobriety test being administered with extreme prejudice.

I ended up being lectured, talked down too and treated like I was worthless.

Wait! I pay taxes. I contribute. I give wholeheartedly.

I’ve begun to notice this has become more common in more areas of life. Why do we allow our system to be so dead, compassion-less and without course? Is this the fear we want to place in our citizens … ?

What a sad day this has become, and it all starts with the person. I just ask us all to stop and think about others. Aren’t we all ohana? Where has all the love gone?

Adrian Dalton



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