Wednesday | August 31, 2016
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Your Views for November 14

Speak up, customers

Aina Koa Pono, the Ka‘u biofuel project, tells us that consumers will pay only if they succeed. If they do succeed, the cost will be roughly $200 per barrel of oil and locked-in for a 20-year contract with HELCO.

By comparison, HELCO recently announced that they are planning to add 50 megawatts of geothermal power to our island’s grid.

The cost to produce geothermal electricity equates to roughly $57 a barrel of oil. Why is Aina Koa Pono and HELCO pursuing this unproven biofuel venture when it clearly means higher electricity rates?

Our economy took a nosedive at $147 a barrel of oil in 2008, causing hardship to many families. Please submit written testimony (to the Public Utilities Commission) by Nov. 30 for Docket No. 2012-0185, and send it to:

Aina Koa Pono’s success does not mean our success.

Richard Ha


Election not bought

Regarding claims that Billy Kenoi “bought” re-election, let’s make this clear. The only way Mr. Kenoi could “buy” an election is for voters to “sell” it to him. Any voter who didn’t like Mr. Kenoi’s advertising was free to ignore it.

Rod Thompson

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Leading by example

Mr. Harry Kim, thank you so much for participating in the political process this year. Although you didn’t win, you brought class, integrity and civil discourse to a process that sadly lacks these qualities, and I thank you for that very timely reminder of how election years SHOULD be.

No character assassination, no name calling, no “big money” calling the shots. You lead us even now. Mahalo, Mr. Kim.

Laura Buck


GOP out of touch

The party of Abraham Lincoln (the GOP) has, sadly, degenerated into the party of the mostly white and wanna-be-white affluent; the mostly white, less educated, blue-collar workers; largely white Christian conservatives; and warmongers who drive up the country’s budget deficit to benefit the interests of the “military-industrial complex” that Republican President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about.

If the GOP wants to survive, it needs to start listening to “all” the people. The demographics of this country are changing and will continue to do so so. Social mores are also changing. If Lincoln were alive today, he would denounce today’s Republican Party and found another one — one that reflected the values of the majority of the people.

Pradeepta Chowdhury



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