Thursday | December 08, 2016
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Your Views for November 14

Victory at last

With a lump in my throat, I watched as Gov. Neil Abercrombie sign the same-sex marriage bill into law. When I thought of the thousands of couples in Hawaii who had been waiting for this to happen — some, most of their lives — and the stand-up for equality that is now the bellwether for our Aloha State, I could do no less than to thank all the people who have spent many years helping to make this happen.

In two months, my partner and I will be celebrating our 42nd anniversary, 30 of those years have been spent right here in Hawaii.

They have been among the happiest years of my life, as I approach my 80th birthday in just two months.

My thanks go out to the editor and staff of the Hawaii Tribune-Herald for their responsible reporting of all the events leading up to the momentous day that the Marriage Equality Act was signed into law.

We are now 16th state to do this, and I feel confident that many other states will follow. It’s nothing less than the right thing to do.

Pat Rocco


Finally equal

Such angry opposition to the Marriage Equity Act, but now it is the law of Hawaii.

Clearly, Rep. Clift Tsuji is no statesman, someone who looks at the bigger picture, civil rights and the fundamental principle of separation of the church and the state. In school, we learned that our nation was founded on the fact that the church does not get into the business of its citizens, nor does the nation tell the churches how to run their congregations.

Tsuji and others who voted against the bill on biased, religious grounds unfortunately have forgotten their civics lessons or have not read the Bill of Rights lately. Personally, I am proud of Gov. Abercrombie and his steadfast effort to apply the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on equal rights for gay people. I am also proud of the eloquent citizens who have been writing their views in this column in support of the issue.

I truly hope that the animosity that has stirred the souls of these religious folks will heal them in the coming months. I hope they can view this law as one that does not force them do what they would not do. And I hope that they can make peace with themselves about what equal rights means in our nation.

Elaine Munro



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