Monday | August 21, 2017
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Your Views for November 15

Drugs not the answer

Regarding “Greater use of cholesterol drugs” (Tribune-Herald, Nov. 13): So new national guidelines are calling for one-third of adult Americans to take statin drugs to lower cholesterol? What is the goal here? To get everyone on chronic meds (drugs)?

For reducing heart attacks and strokes, what happened to getting more exercise, eating a balanced diet low in saturated fat and reducing body weight? It does not take a lot of exercise.

Sitting for hours and hours in front of a computer or television, something we Americans do more and more of these days, puts the body in a kind of metabolic shutdown. Research is showing that this kind of inactive lifestyle is associated with higher death rates, and all you have to do to break the pattern is walk around more frequently. Or, I suppose you could put yourself on statin drugs.

The article in the paper did not mention the potential side effects of statin drugs. Say it real fast, like the drug advertisers do on TV: muscle pain and weakness, rhabdomyolysis, liver damage, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, high blood sugar, memory loss or confusion, adverse interactions with other drugs.

Getting on chronic meds should be a last resort, not a first call of advice.

William Mautz


Mayor is MIA

Mahalo nui to Councilman J Yoshimoto for nixing the proposed amendment to GMO prohibition Bill 113. Many people support you.

The last piece to the puzzle is Mayor Billy Kenoi. Councilwoman Margaret Willie said in a recent council meeting that Kenoi did not return any of her phone calls about the bill. I can imagine it is tough to take a stand on the issue. But, I must wonder who the mayor is listening to. If not his colleagues, what about his constituents?

So, Mayor Kenoi, if you didn’t read the email to you, here is the most important part: In 1992, the FDA declared that GMOs are “substantially equivalent” and will be regulated like other foods. That means no mandatory medical “feeding” studies on rodents or humans. Not short-term or long-term. None.

Councilwoman Willie is right about defending the right to home rule. We are all put at risk by the FDA’s lack of oversight.

I have posted the best weblinks I have found, after days of doing my homework on the issue, at

It should be clear that the GMO industry invests more in deceptive PR campaigns and biotech industry front groups like the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association, which receives large amounts of funding from biotech companies. See for yourself:

Dave Sansone



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