Friday | December 15, 2017
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Your Views for November 17

School controversy

The concerns of the Edita Street residents who oppose the construction of a school are real. The sentiment of those who attended last Friday’s meeting sent the following message: “WE DON’T WANT YOUR SCHOOL IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!”

No traffic data was ever presented at the meeting, by the school or concerned residents. When making claims, there should always be supporting evidence, right?

Is it unlawful to acquire land in affluent areas for the purpose of education? Is it unlawful to build a school which centers on experiential learning, constructivism and education focused on land management? If charter schools like Connections had the same per pupil and operational allocations as traditional DOE schools, would they need to find a site to build a school?

Charter schools are underfunded educational programs that are able to do more with fewer resources. They have professional teachers who do their best with the resources they have; their work is honorable.

If residents of this affluent community want to keep innovative schools out of their neighborhood, maybe they should be actively involved in raising $30 million to find another site.

The school is known for teaching critical thinking and problem solving, so here is a proposed solution: Start your school day later, and avoid the rush of residents.

Easy solution. There is a chance that the landowner off Puainako extension will not give you easement rights. The cost of building a road is expensive; put your money into educating students and not infrastructure, which should be paid by the state. Your rights to the land used for education are guaranteed by state and federal laws.

Mario Patiño Tetlamatilizmactiani


Fix the streets

OK, the campaigning is pau, and all the signs and banners can be taken down.

Next, to our mayor, please fix our streets and roads. Kilauea Avenue and Kinoole Street need some serious repaving, along with the main side roads. Plus, we have intersections that don’t have a left signal.

The highlight would be extending the merging from Kilauea onto the highway. At least that’s a good start for you. Mahalo plenty.

Lynise Tarring


It does matter

Christian leaders need to change their message to their followers for future elections, otherwise Christian candidates and issues will continue to lose ground.

In general, while churches tell their members to vote, they also advise that it does not matter who wins because ultimately the results are “in God’s hands.” Unfortunately, the message becomes reinterpreted by Christians as: “It doesn’t matter who wins, so why bother voting?”

As more and more leaders are elected that are hostile to Christianity, it becomes more difficult for the church to evangelize. Even if you believe that we are in the Biblical “End Times” (each new generation thinks they are), it is unclear as to how long that lasts, so it could be thousands of years of (losing) elections yet to come.

Leighton Loo



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