Tuesday | February 28, 2017
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Your Views for November 20

Drug culture

The movement to legalize marijuana in Hawaii is a joke. Today, the movement seems to be a one-trick pony purporting the magical tax benefits. But, from what I have seen of the hippie culture on the Big Island, I can already foresee the community turning into a culture of drug users and tax evaders.

I was horrified when I moved to the Big Island after years on Oahu and saw that beautiful historic downtown Hilo had become a learning institution for growers and users, and I was shocked to see dirty bums begging for money to support their habit.

At one point, I thought this backpacking culture was good for tourism; now, I see that it has brought nothing but pilau to the area. They seem to want to take, take, take but have yet to do anything for the greater good.

I ask these people, what have you done to better life on this island? What have you done to support the host culture and preserve these beautiful islands? What have you done to keep Hawaii a very special, beloved and unique place? What has this subculture done to improve life on the Big Island?

So, if your mantra will continue to be tax benefits, I say move to one of the states where they will accept your drug-smoking ways, and leave Hawaii so us Hawaiians can malama the ‘aina and keep Hawaii the beautiful place that is.

Hoku Tagupa


Too conservative

Columnist Bill O’Reilly’s personal note to President Obama was typical O’Reilly (Tribune-Herald, Nov. 12).

O’Reilly, you and other fanatic hosts — like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and, of course, the king of them all, Rush Limbaugh — always will have top ratings as long as illogical listeners and viewers are crazy enough to be allowed to be talked down to.

So many good things were accomplished under President Obama in four years in office. Name one thing the previous president did, other than keep your taxes low?

O’Reilly, tone down the better-than-thou attitude, and I may go back to watching you.

Carmine Spada


Insulting letter

In response to Pradeepta Chowdhury’s letter (Tribune-Herald, Nov. 14): In this letter, Dr. Chowdhury managed to insult 50 percent of the U.S. population, Caucasians, by calling them “wanna-be-white, affluent, mostly white, less educated, blue-collar workers, and warmongers.”

Apparently he has a problem with Christians, also. I wonder if the good doctor refers to his white patients this way?

When writing his letter, I think Dr. Chowdhury may have been under the influence of Indian hashish while waiting for his next patient. Therefore, he is forgiven.

Vernon King



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