Saturday | August 27, 2016
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Your Views for November 22

Show leadership

A fellow citizen, Roger Christie, is in federal prison, held there for going on three years now without bail because a federal judge is portraying him as a threat to society for believing marijuana should be decriminalized.

Mayor Billy Kenoi, Gov. Neil Abercrombie, this man is being used as a pawn in the application of the “war on drugs” and is, as you both know, not in any way a threat to the rest of us.

Leadership in other more enlightened states would not tolerate an attack against the fair treatment of their citizens; why would you?

It’s time to realize that our extreme alcohol abuse issue is largely the result of our pig-headed attitude toward the disease of addiction and our “big stick” approach to authority. If marijuana was available to the public, the rampant consumption of alcohol would decline, as would the horrors associated with it.

This is the science — get on it, both of you, and if standing up for the civil rights of citizens isn’t your concern, how about at least keeping up with the times?

Kelly Greenwell


No aloha

What a shame. We are blessed to have people such as Ellsworth Fontes. He gives of himself and his time to the community, only to be shot down by some lame permits, stipulations and road blocks (Tribune-Herald, Nov. 20). It would be a wonderful thing if the state and county government matched Ellsworth’s generosity, instead of impeding him.

The Toys for Tots motorcade will be an event that will be missed by many who want an opportunity to give, and to those children who look forward to a little more at Christmas than they otherwise would not have.

Thank you, Ellsworth, for the past rides and selflessness.

Lani Kay Ka‘awaloa


Great job, HPD

Our police department achieved a major feat — national accreditation! This extensive work and recognition is definitely a cause to be celebrated.

Why was this story about their “coveted award” buried on A7 of the Nov. 20 issue of our town’s paper? Too often, negative stories about this same department are given front-page notoriety, whether or not there is a rational basis. These hardworking officers of all ranks deserve RESPECT and APPRECIATION.

I admit I am biased because I am the proud mother of Officer Mike Santos. Nonetheless, all citizens of this island should appreciate the professionalism of this department and their newly awarded accreditation based on the continuous unbiased review process of CALEA, a prestigious accreditation commission.

Ruth Ann Santos



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