Saturday | October 01, 2016
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Your Views for November 23

10 UH excuses

Here are the University of Hawaii’s top 10 mismanagement excuses heard around the Manoa campus.

10. I never liked Stevie Wonder music, anyway!

9. Who needs accountability when you have friends in high places and a sue-ready lawyer?!

8. We’ll appoint an ad hoc, minus hoc or multi-hoc committee to study the feasibility of hiring a law firm to investigate researching the matter.

7. At least it’s not a sex scandal! (yet …)

6. We’re highly educated, but no university offers a degree in good judgment!

5. Who would have thought that a blind man could scam us?!

4. Education is expensive. Ignorance only costs $200,000!

3. What did you expect? We all have B.S. degrees!

2. Eh, $200,000? That’s nothing compared to the waste you don’t know about!

1. When your head is stuck so far up your ivory tower, it is hard to see anything clearly!

Leighton Loo

Mililani, Oahu

Which holiday?

Why is Dec. 25 being celebrated as a holiday by the County of Hawaii?

I always believed that Dec. 25 was the day we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of our Christian god. Now I’m hearing that the word Christmas cannot be used in any celebration within the County of Hawaii. Instead, it’s the “holiday season,” which must be used for fear of hurting a few individuals who do not believe in Jesus Christ.

Will someone from the County of Hawaii please explain: If Christmas is not being celebrated, then exactly what is being celebrated with office parties, an open house at the county, and a day off for the employees? And when did this “holiday” come about? What “holiday” are we talking about? Was not an agreement made between the county and the union representing its employees that the celebration and day off was to celebrate CHRISTMAS?

If this is not true and there is no official recognized holiday to celebrate, then shouldn’t we all just forget about the holiday, parties and celebration and just get back to work? Again, why is Dec. 25 being celebrated as a “holiday” by the County of Hawaii? I don’t understand!

Raymond M.C. Chang


GOP losing its way

People hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see.

In a recent letter, Mr. Vernon King insinuates that I have a problem with “whites” and, possibly, “Christians.”

I urge him to read my letter carefully, and if he did so, he would realize that it is about the Republican Party having lost its way. Most political commentators, including some prominent ones who air on Fox News and write in the Weekly Standard, seem to agree.

As to Indian Hashish: It is arguably the best in the world. Regrettably, it is presently unavailable in the United States. But that may change in the future as our social mores evolve.

Pradeepta Chowdhury



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