Wednesday | October 18, 2017
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Your Views for November 24

Wimpy board

The Nov. 20 Tribune-Herald article reporting the County Board of Ethics ruling that union contracts trump the county code of ethics was surprising. What a hollow, pointless county board that is.

If using state and county taxpayers’ time, money and facilities to promote a particular group of candidates isn’t a breach of the so-called “code of ethics,” I don’t know what is. Evidently, the only board member not in the union’s pocket is its chair, John Dill.

Another part of the story mentions that SHOPO’s and HFFA’s contracts don’t allow union endorsement of candidates. If that’s the case, what were all those campaign ads in the Tribune-Herald with local SHOPO leaders urging us to vote for Mayor Billy Kenoi?

I guess we’re to believe that they were personal, not union, endorsements.

Michael Engstrom


Our great nation

Let’s all be thankful that we are living in the United States of America.

Despite some flaws and shortcomings, America is still the greatest nation on Earth!

Let’s also give our thanks and sympathy to all the turkeys!

T. Ono


Axis deer must go

Axis deer carry helminth parasites. Axis deer have a very low susceptibility to disease, worms, ticks and fleas. In the zoo, they are checked by vets. Out in the wild, they carry their illnesses to cattle. This is a threat we do not need.

Bravo to those who have dealt with this threat to our ‘aina.

G. O’Connor


It’s about profit

I learned long ago that to understand any policy dilemma, you need only follow the money.

So, let’s see … if we follow the energy money, who profits from what? Expanding geothermal energy profits the geothermal companies and HELCO, but creates energy from a dangerous source that may or may not be clean and certainly does not benefit the ‘aina or consumers.

Cutting the solar tax credit in half, making individual solar collection unaffordable for most families, discourages homeowners from expanding solar energy, a totally clean and renewable source that profits no one but consumers.

It’s clear where our state government stands: Up with profits for HELCO and the taxpayers, and the ‘aina be damned.

Now, it would be even more interesting to see who in our state and local governments is voting or advocating for geothermal, and where their campaign contributions came from. Anyone up for this research challenge?

Francine Pearson


Kudos, DIA

Belated congratulations to the Downtown Improvement Association on another successful Black & White Night event in Hilo on Nov. 1.

This was by far the best B&W Night I’ve attended in the last four years, and it was great to see so many more shops and restaurants stay open for the occasion.

The turnout was wonderful — so many folks dressed in black and white finery and fun, festive outfits to show their support for local merchants, musicians and more.

I was also impressed with the set-up of the street entertainment; the positioning of the bands was much better than previous years where it got noisy in some spots and the music often overlapped. This year the bands did not have to battle each other for attention.

I especially enjoyed stopping at The Palace Theater and East Hawaii Cultural Center. Both had a lot going on.

And, hey, Koehnen’s: Glad you were part of the evening. I’m really going to miss the store.

Mahalo to all the local entrepreneurs for participating and contributing to an awesome evening. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Sylvia Dahlby


Sandy’s wrath

I’m confused! I’ve read that Sandy (the storm) was:

1. Due to global warming.

2. Not due to global warming.

3. Due to climate change.

4. Not due to climate change.

5. God’s retribution for … (fill in the blank).

6. A liberal plot.

7. A conservative plot.

8. To disrupt the presidential election.

9. All of the above.

Which is it?

Michael L Last



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